Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Biogeography

Current and past Master's theses

Master’s theses – ongoing


  • Arne Zebski - Mapping field size & identifying silvopastures in the Chaco/Chiquitano region
  • Janika Hämmerle - Assessing the relevance of traditional market channels for Potato Diversity on the Peruvian Andes
  • Anna Wenzel - Assessing the effectiveness of ecosystem restoration concessions in avoiding forest fires in Indonesia
  • Gideon Hussels - Protecting an ancient forest - logging and forest conservation in the Bialowieza Forest in Poland and Belarus
  • Sofia Miguel - Legacies of the Vietnam War bombing on contemporary land use and landscape fragmentation in Quang Tri Province, Vietnam
  • Saskia Bacher - Drought-induced bark beetle infestations, Germany
  • Kyra Damp - Analyzing the impact of mega herbivory on woody cover: A natural cross-sectional experiment in Eastern Africa
  • Anastasios Savvidis - Seasonaility and remote sensing in the Arctic


Past Master’s theses



  • Julia Bartsch - Long-term fire reconstruction in Chiquitano tropical dry forest







  • Joe MacPherson - Potential terrestrial habitat loss due to future reservoir impoundment from hydropower dams*
  • Isabel Knabe - Systematic conservation planning for increasing the protection of amphibians in West Africa



  • Martin Mantel - Target areas for the introduction of agroforestry systems in Upper Lusatia*
  • Benjamin Bleyhl - Mapping European bison habitat in the Caucasus
  • Stephan Gollombeck - Determinants and spatial patterns of cropland fallow events in Central Europe
  • Oreas Kotschi - The changing global soybean network: relations between soybean consumption and its land use footprint


  • Myron Thylmann - Global simulations of high and low intensity agriculture: land management types in a global biogeochemical computer model (LPJmL)*


* = co-supervision


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