Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Biogeography

Teaching philosophy

Contributing to undergraduate (BSc and BA level) and graduate (MSc and MA level) education at the Department of Geography is a core mission of the Conversation Biogeography Lab. Our overarching goals in teaching are:

  • Broaden students’ understanding of  concepts in biogeography, conservation science, ecology, and sustainability science
  • Introduce students to cutting edge tools to analyze phenomena in these fields
  • Foster students’ capacity to develop their own ideas and critical thinking, and to share their views
  • Develop students’ abilities to work independently and in teams
  • Allow students to learn more about how science works
  • Improve students’ communication skills
  • Offer classes that are fun!


Field trip to the Natural History
Museum as a part of the
biogeography class

Classes offered

Our classes are usually offered as integrated courses, combining lectures, discussions, seminars, lab exercises, or field work. Many of our classes are based on problem-based learning and project-oriented work. Wherever possible, we strive to closely couple teaching with our ongoing research. Our classes at the Master’s level are typically offered in English. Classes at the Bachelor’s level are offered in English if exchange students are attending.

DSC 0042 2

Students learning principals of island biogeography using a colonization experiment

Writing a Bachelor's or Master's thesis with us

We are always looking for motivated students who would like to conduct a thesis with us. Typically, thesis topics interlink closely with our ongoing research. We have prepared a guideline describing the supervision framework for a Bachelor or Master thesis in our group. Please read this document carefully before contacting us (PDF version). More information on thesis, including an overview of ongoing and past these, is found here.