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Enßle, F. & Kabisch, N. (2020): Urban green spaces for the social interaction, health and well-being of older people— An integrated view of urban ecosystem services and socio-environmental justice. Environmental Science and Policy (109), 36-44,


Enßle, F. & Helbrecht, I. (2020): Understanding diversity in later life through images of old age. Ageing & Society,


Haacke, H. C., Enßle, F., Haase, D., Helbrecht, I., & Lakes, T. (2019): Why Do (n’t) People Move When They Get Older? Estimating the Willingness to Relocate in Diverse Ageing Cities. Urban Planning, 4(2), 53-69.


Enßle, F., & Helbrecht, I. (2018): Ungleichheit, Intersektionalität und Alter(n)– für eine räumliche Methodologie in der Ungleichheitsforschung. Geographica Helvetica73(3), 227-239.



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