Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Geography Department

Committees of academic self-administration and representatives

Institute Council

The Institute Council is the highest authority of the department. It takes decisions on fundamental matters of the department, such as the distribution of jobs and resources. The Institute Council consists of 7 professors as well as 2 members of the additional 3 status groups (scientific staff, other staff, students). The Institute Council selects the Executive Institute Director and his/ her deputy. Further committees may be set up if support and guidance are required. Meetings of the Institute’s Council are open to the public.





Budget Committee


Promotion committee


Board of Examiners


Commission for Teaching and Learning

  • Kitzmann, Dr. Robert (Chairman)
  • Jasper, Prof. Dr. Sandra
  • Haase, Prof. Dr. Dagmar
  • Fritz, Sabine
  • Kucharzyk, Karoline
  • Elsholz, Stefanie
  • Wandrei, Christian
  • Geiger, Camilla
  • Rückwart, Naami
  • Feldbusch, David


Commission for Promoting Women


Alumni and Former Representative


Room Management Commission


Library Commissioner


Foreign Affairs and Erasmus Officer


Promotion Officer


Women's Representative

  • Trommler, Kathrin
  • Dammann, Camille (deputy women's representative)


Software Representative


Fire Prevention Officer according to Fire Protection regulations (PDF in english)


Security Office/ Accident Reports


Hazardous Substances Officer




Pandemic commissioner


Election Committee of the Institute


Local Election Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Patrick Hostert (Professor's Group),
  • Pötzschner, Florian (Group of research assistants)
  • tba
  • Scholz, Madeleine und Hanneman, Katrin (Students' Group)


Ethics committee


Ombudsperson Promoting

  • Schmidt, Prof. Dr. Suntje
  • De Marzo, Teresa
  • Domann, Valentin