Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - IARTEM


Parallel sessions E | Sunday 13 Sept 2015 09:00 - 11:00

C9 Content

Room 1201

  • Geo-media and visual literacy: Interpreting media images from a geographical perspective

    Markus Hilander

  • Resource exploitation in German Geography textbooks

    Matthias Kowasch

  • The role of Geography textbooks in the time of new media

    Michal Pazicky

U7 Use of Educational Media

Room 1503

  • Photocopy of educational resources in secondary schools: Articulating national qualitative survey and teachers' point of view 

    Mehdi Khaneboubi

  • Memory practices and media use in educational contexts: Relationships between history, politics and memory in schools

    Roman Richtera

  • What about the English resources selection in secondary education in France?

    Aurélie Beauné, M. Bento, E. Riquois

C10 Content

Room 1504

  • Visual representations of colonialism in educational films in the interwar period

    Michael Annegarn-Gläß, Anne Bruch

  • Colonial politics of memory in History textbooks since 1945

    Susanne Grindel, Lars Müller

  • Mediating colonialism at the German Historical Museum-Work in progress

    Sarah Maupeu

S2 Selection, Evaluation & Design of Educational Media

Room 1505

  • Designing learning resources. The use of fiction in textbooks for upper secondary school

    Caroline Graeske

  • Designing digital learning material

    Klaus Vejlgaard Just