Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - IARTEM


Parallel sessions A | Friday 11 Sept 2015 13:00 - 15:00

C1 Content

Room: 1201

  • Global economic contexts in business administration textbooks

    Michael Thoma

  • Can Positive Discourse Analysis (PDA) contribute to a methodology for analysis of representations of 'The Global Other' in textbooks?

    Norunn Askeland

  • A textbook analysis using the Praxeological Reference Model on the case of Geometry proportion

    Dyana Wjayanti

  • Introducing index lists as a tool for identifying typical linguistic features of specialized registers, with examples from Swedish textbooks in Natural Sciences

    Judy Ribeck

CRL1 Community Resources & Libraries

Room: 1604

  • Praise of place: Industrial heritage sites as educational rhetoric

    Iben Brinch Jørgensen

  • The history of textbook in the library fund of INDIRE

    Alessandra Anichini

  • The use of community resources for early inclusion of children in school and society

    Montserrat Castro

  • Description of the actions by municipalities in the process of elaborating their educational media

    Carmen Denébola Álvarez Seoane, Jesús Rodríguez Rodríguez

U1 Use of Educational Media

Room: 1503

  • Literacy in Norwegian schools - Our experiences from secondary and upper secondary school

    Anne-Beathe Mortensen-Buan, Bente Aamotsbakken

  • How to introduce new reading digital formats in primary school

    Arianna Morini

  • Reading in early grades textbooks in Morocco

    Abdellah Chekayri

  • Textbooks and the teaching and learning of Arabic literacy

    Andy Smart

C2 Content

Room: 1504

  • Websites for textbooks - Companions or competitors?

    Ommund C. Vareberg

  • A multimodal invitation

    Christoffer Dahl

  • Nicaraguan picture books as learning material

    Eva Maagerø, Nahúm Torrez

  • A social-semiotic visual analysis of Albania's communist and post-communist national history textbook covers

    Denis Vuka

HETT1 Higher Education & Teacher Training

Room: 1505

  • Learning resources and MOOCs - What is being constructed and why?

    Rene Christiansen

  • 'Textbook pedagogy' will enhance the relevance of teacher education

    Christiaan Visser

U2 Use of Educational Media

Room: 1506

  • The influence of adaptive digital learning systems on learning

    Hendrianne Wilkens

  • Digital learning materials and patterns of teaching

    Thomas Illum Hansen

  • Developing a methodology to analyse the role that teaching and learning materials play in student learning and achievement

    Zuzana Sikorová, Mike Horsley, Iva Cervenkova

  • Better understanding the way teachers select, modify and exchange educational resources. Overview of the ReVEA project

    Eric Bruillard