Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - IARTEM


Parallel sessions C | Saturday 12 Sept 2015 09:00 - 11:00

C5 Content

Room: 1201

  • Easy reading novels in Swedish classrooms - Textbooks or literature?

    Anna Nordenstam, Christina Olin-Scheller

  • A comparative analysis of school Science textbooks: Greece and USA

    Vasilis Koulaidis, Ioannis Maravellis

  • Geography textbooks in Spain and Portugal in lower basic education - a comparison

    Ramón Martínez, Elsa Pacheco, Luís Alves, Cristiana Martinha, António Costa

CRL2 Community Resources & Libraries

Room: 1604

  • Textbooks for rural schools: Conflicts between the norms and the school practices

    Edilaine Aparecida Vieira, Roseli Borrowice, Tânia Braga Garcia

  • Edu.data - Textbook systems worldwide

    Bianca Pramann, Anna-Lea Beckmann

  • Digital resources and sustainble communities of French teachers: From emitting resources to formal communities and back

    Georges-Louis Baron, Solène Zablot

U5 Usage of Educational Media

Room: 1503

  • Images as resources in Biological Sciences teaching

    Camille Roux-Goupille

  • Pedagogical practice of the teacher and the Science textbook: An approach based on the epxeriences of the PDE/PR

    Edna Luiza de Souza, Nilson Marcos Dias Garcia

  • The use of multimedia in education and socialization

    Paulina Forma

C6 Content

Room: 1504

  • The teaching of Botany in Portugal. Analysis of primary education textbooks (1900-2000)

    Fernando Guimarães

  • Activating and motivating children in logopaedic prevention and therapy: Speech therapeutic stories

    Dorota Beltkiewicz

  • Entertainment and knowledge in Scandinavian textbooks

    Aslaug Veum

  • Analysis of visual components in Czech History textbooks for lower grades of elementary schools 

    Ondrej Simik

HETT3 Higher Education & Teacher Training

Room: 1505

  • Student teachers' knowledge of the quality of learning materials

    Arno Reints

  • The views of the students in the use of social networks to support higher studies

    Josef Malach, Katerina Kostolányová, Milan Chmura

  • Undergraduate degrees and textbooks: A necessary interlocution in teacher education

    Simone Regina Manosso Cartaxo

  • Writing paradidactic Science books: An experience with Faculty of Education students

    Maria Helena da Silva Carneiro

OGA2 Overviews & General Aspects 

Room: 1506

  • Teacher attitudes towards curriculum innovations: Introducing the state of the art

    Tomáš Janko, Karolína Pešková

  • Research background in the field of textbooks and teaching materials in music education

    Rosa María Vicente Álvarez, Jesús Rodríguez Rodríguez

  • School textbooks in Colombia: Definitions, dimensions and research fields (2000-2015)

    Miguel Ángel Gómez Mendoza, María Victoria Alzate Piedrahita

  • "1989 and all that": Geography Curricula and Textbooks During Post-Socialist Transformation

    Péter Bagoly-Simó