Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - IARTEM


Parallel sessions D | Saturday 12 Sept 2015 14:45 - 16:45

C7 Content

Room 1201

  • How can English language textbooks contribute to the development of intercultural competence?

    Ragnhild Lund

  • Historical and interculural. The presence of Islam in textbooks

    João Bertolini

  • An influence of new media on the English language teaching process in Polish secondary education

    Adam Krzyk

  • The national minorities and the grand narrative of Sweden

    Jörgen Mattlar

U6 Use of Educational Media

Room 1503

  • Middle School Students Experiences of Using Electronic Textbooks in Mathematics

    Bruce A. Knight, Maria Casey, John Dekkers, Rosie Thrupp

  • Future teachers and their reflections of learning materials focused on multicultural/intercultiral education

    Martina Rozsypalová

  • The Use of the Internet in Education

    Matyjas Bozena

  • The Results of Using ICT in Teaching Mathematics in the First Grade

    Emmanouil Skordialos

C8 Content

Room 1504

  • Analysis of selected didactic materials for the subject of Art Education in primary school

    Miloš Makovskÿ, Zuzana Blazková, Petr Zoufalÿ

  • Teaching the mother tongue: Reflection and rescue of moral values in our learners with micro-projects in the field of phraseodidactics

    Suzete Silva

  • The presence of legal sources in History textbooks

    Anne Cacielle da Silva, Tânia Braga Garcia

  • The social and political conflict in Colombia in school textbooks of Social Science secondary and basic education average: Historical narrative and representation and historical representation (1999-2011)

    Miguel Ángel Gómez Mendoza, Luisa Fernanda Duque Gómez, María Victoria Alzate Piedrahita

S1 Selection & Evaluation of Educational Media

Room 1505

  • Textbook evaluation: A content analysis of selected Social Studies textbooks at stage four (4) level in Zimbabwean primary schools

    Gabriel Kapfidze, Simeon Maile

  • History textbooks evaluation by high-school students

    Edilson Aparecido Chaves

  • Analysis of the process of choice of Physics textbooks: The influence of the labor conditions

    Alisson Antonio Martins, Nilson Marcos Dias Garcia

  • Goal directed teaching and visible learning

    Marie Slot

OGA3 Overviews & General Aspects

Room 1506

  • 'In the lion's mouth': The challenges of writing art and music textbooks for Brazilian schools

    Guilherme Gabriel Ballande Romanelli, Consuelo Acioni Borba Duarte Schlichta

  • Islamic art as educational text

    Geir Winje

  • What you don't know will hurt you: A rhetoric of post-humanitarism in Operasjon Dagverk's educational material

    Ylva Frøjd

  • The textbook acording to Apple's view: An essay

    Tamara Cardoso Andre