Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - IARTEM


Parallel sessions B | Friday 11 Sept 2015 15:30 - 17:30

C3 Content

Room: 1201

  • Textbooks and images of Empire

    Jim McCall

  • Embedding concepts of Peace, Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship in school textbooks

    Shankar Musafir

  • Globalization as ongoing colonialism? Finnish textbooks descriptions of decolonialization, global economy and tourism

    Pia Mikander

  • The formation of historical conciousness: Stundents' ideas concerning the concept of African slavery in Brazil

    Rosi Gevaerd, Maria Auxiliadors Schmidt

U3 Use of Educational Media

Room: 1604

  • Cypriot Physics teachers' use of Physics textbooks in teaching

    Demetrios Phillipou, Kostas Dimopoulos

  • Actual educational media used by Physics teachers in French high-schools

    Pascale Hannoun-Kummer

  • The utilization of Science textbooks

    Maria Helena da Silva Carneiro

  • Visual literacy and Geography textbooks - Eye-tracking study

    Yvonne Behnke

U4 Use of Educational Media

Room: 1503

  • Monitor for educational materials 2013/2014

    Simone Schippers, Christine Volkering

  • Digital Resources for students in Niger: An Experiment

    Erwan Le Quentrec, Solène Zablot, Georges-Louis Baron

  • Between textbook and Internet: Digital Media as a challenge in the History classroom

    Maren Tribukait

  • Digital student feedback and the differentation of teaching

    Stefan Ting Graf

C4 Content

Room: 1504

  • The presence of Internet in Brazilian physics textbooks: An analysis under the light of the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning

    Daniel Sucha Heidemann, Nilson Marcos Dias Garcia

  • Geography textbooks as a tool to develop spatial thinking

    Cristiana Martinha

  • Competence-orientation in German Geography lessons: Is the textbook still state-of-the-art?

    Thomas Kisser

  • 'Reading' school Science textbooks through the PISA lens. What can we learn about students' assessed competencies?

    Kyriaki Anagnostopoulou, Vassilia Hatzinikita, Vassilia Christidou

HETT2 Higher Education & Teacher Training

Room: 1505

  • Textbooks aimed at guiding teachers in teaching

    Tânia Braga Garcia, Fernanda Esthenes do Nascimento

  • Being a history teacher: Handbooks for teachers produced in Brazil (1984-2014)

    Osvaldo Rodrigues Júnior, Tânia Braga Garcia

  • The use of tools of university electronic environment in the teaching and research activities of students

    Katerina Kostolányova, Josef Malach, Milan Chmura

  • The Didactics as a school discipline: Study from the General Didactics manuals

    Léia de Cássia Fernandes Hegeto

OGA1 Overviews & General Aspects

Room: 1506

  • The role of teaching materials in educational innovation in early childhood education. Initial reflexions and analysis of good practice

    Jesús Rodríguez Rodríguez, Carmen Denébola Álvarez Seoane

  • Was Edison right? Educational media at crossroads

    Tom Wikman

  • Why are boys doing worse than girls? Gender gap in reading performance

    Natalija Mazeikienè

  • Digital resources plus lighter textbooks

    José B. Duarte