Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Climate Geography

Recommended Classes

There are various possibilities to deepen your studies in the field of climate geography. If you would like to build up special skills in this area, we recommend that you take courses in natural science (physics, agricultural sciences, biology, chemistry), mathematics and computer science (programming preferably with open source tools such as Python, R or R Studio). Courses in the Department of Climatology at the TU Berlin and in Meteorology at the FU Berlin are also recommended and recognized. In addition, within geography, in addition to the courses offered in climate geography, you should build up competence in statistics, GIS, remote sensing (geomatics), landscape ecology and biogeography, as well as in soil science or geomorphology.


You are studying geography at the HU Berlin and are interested in specializing in climate geography? The staff of the Department of Climate Geography will be happy to advise you on possible courses of study and theses with this focus as well as on climate-geographic internships and semesters abroad.

We particularly recommend the following modules:


Bachelor Geography

Basic studies Modules B1 & B4 Physical Geography I (Climatology and Geomorphology) & II (Soil Geography, Hydrology and Biogeography)
Module B3 Introduction to statistics and the subject geography (choose seminar based on the software R)
Subject-specific specialization Module B7 Human-environment systems
Module B8.1 Introduction to remote sensing
Modules B9.1, B9.2 & B9.3 at least two modules with physical-geographical focus (e.g. regional and/or applied climatology, hydrology, remote sensing)
Module B10 Main excursion with physical-geographical focus
Thematic and methodological extensions Module B11 Professional experience in geography (internship e.g. at PIK, GFZ, DKK, MPI-Meteorology, Federal Environmental Agency, etc.)
Interdisciplinary elective courses modules e.g. from meteorology, biogeography, landscape ecology, soil science, programming (e.g. R, Python)
Semester abroad with comparable modules (recommended in 5th semester)
Final module Module B12 Research and Communication classes with Climate Geography Colloquium
Bachelor thesis with climate-geographic topic


Master Global Change Geography

Compulsory modules Module MSc2 Climate and Earth System Dynamics (winter term)
Elective modules Module MSc5.1 Field Observation in Climatology and Hydrology (summer term)
Module MSc7/8 Introduction to Climate Modelling (winter term; can also be credited as MSc6)
Module MSc7/8 Specific Hydrology (summer term)
Final module Module MSc9 Scientific Writing with Climate Geography Colloquium
Master thesis with climate-geographic topic (optionally also in cooperation with the PIK)