Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Climate Geography

Alexander von Humboldt-Wetterstation Berlin-Adlershof


The Geography Department runs two weather stations - climate garden and roof station - measuring different climate elements at the location of the Geography Department in Berlin-Adlershof.


1. Measurement garden

The climate garden is positioned between the Geography Department (Rudower Chaussee 16) and the Psychology Department in Adlershof.






  • air temperature and relative humidity in two Stevenson screens
  • precipitation
  • wind direction and wind speed
  • incoming and reflected shortwave radiation, emitted longwave radiation and longwave downward radiation from the atmosphere
  • soil temperature
  • air quality (fine particles, ultrafine particles)


2. Institute's roof

The roof station is positioned on the roof of the Department of Geography in Adlershof.





  • air temperature and relative humidity
  • precipitation
  • air pressure
  • wind speed and wind direction
  • incoming shortwave radiation, counter radiation
  • air quality (fine particles, ultrafine particles)


In addition to the measurements, the climate geography department displays the UV-Index measured by sglux. The UV-Index is a measurement representing skin hazards induced by UV-radiation (sun burn). A UV-Index from 0-5 is moderat, values of 5-8 represent skin hazard dangers and the need for appropriate protective measures, a UV-Index greater 8 represents high risk for UV-induced skin hazards. For more information on the UV-Index, please see >>> here.