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Kurzbeschreibung von COMPOUNDS

COMPOUNDS-Compound Subjects. A European Network

The introduction of compound (or interdisciplinary) subjects, such as Social Studies or Social Science, is driven, among other things, by the demand to create more holistic opportunities to deal with complex societal change.

However, interdisciplinary school subjects face a range of challenges, such as the interplay between school subjects and academic disciplines (particularly concerning knowledge and content), educational resource design, production, and usage, as well as initial teacher education. Most of these challenges require the exploration of disciplinary approaches based on established Social Science subjects, such as Geography, History, or Civics.

COMPOUNDS aims to establish a European network to tackle many of the above-described challenges and beyond by tapping into one of Europe’s strengths, namely the diversity of education systems, educational media publishing markets, and initial teacher education formats. First and foremost, COMPOUNDS aims to map national and regional discourses in Subject Education, General Education, Educational Media Studies, and Publishing Studies, always keeping its focus on Social Science compound subjects.

COMPOUNDS is funded by: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Duration: 2021–2024

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