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Curriculum Vitae

About me

I am an environmental Scientist by training (University of Almeria, Spain in 2003) and I hold a master on Geo-Information (Wageningen University, Netherlands in 2006). 
I am very interested on studing the future of natural habitats and how we, humans, transform them by means of our intensified activies. More specifically I am interested on modelling future land use changes and the effects on the connectivity of natural habitats under different scenarios.
Curriculum Vitae
2012-present: Doctoral Researcher at the Biogeography Lab, HU. Berlin, Germany
2010 -2012: Research Assisstant at the Geomatics Lab, HU. Berlin, Gemany
2008-2010: GIS Analyst at the Urban Research Centre, Univ. Western Sydney. Australia.
2004-2006: Msc. Geo-Information, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
2003-2004: Research grant. Dept. Plant biology and ecology. Univ. Almeria, Spain.
2001: Erasmus student, Univ. Glasgow. Scotland
1998-2003: Msc. Environmental Sciences. Univ. Almeria, Spain.