Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Geographisches Institut

Research Projects

2022 EU Horizon Europe Project on a resilient ecological network of conserved areas across Europe for nature and people (
2019 EU Horizon 2020 project on Tree-based NBS in CLEARING HOUSE (
2018 EU Horizon 2020 project on Nature-based solutions in cities, CONNECTING Nature (
2017 Project on ABM and superdiversity in cities (Germ. Science Found.)
2016 Research activities on green-blue resilience in cities within the BiodivERsA project ENABLE (
2012 EU FP7 project GREENSURGE on research activities on European urban green infrastructure and biocultural diversity (
2010 Research activities on urban ecosystem services within the BiodivERsA project URBES,
2006 FP7 EU project PLUREL on urban land use change modelling/assessment,