Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Geography Department

Interdisciplinary elective area of studies (Überfachlicher Wahlpflichtbereich, “ÜWP“)

The requirements of the study regulations (SPO) apply. You must always take complete modules. If you are interested in a module that is not listed in the course catalogue of HU under the interdisciplinary elective area (“ÜWP”), you require approval by the Examination Board before enrolment. The following must be submitted:

  • Application with justification (template)
  • Module descriptions(s)

Excluded is the enrolment in ÜWP modules that have a geographical content and/or title or are offered by the Institute of Geography.

Students who take modules in the interdisciplinary elective area (“ÜWP”) must also register online via AGNES for an exam, even if no exam is to be taken. This is the only way that the examination office of the offering institute can register your credits.

There is no subsequent crediting of individual courses. Subsequent approval of deviations (see above) is excluded. You can obtain further information from your subject advisor.