Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Geography Department

Examinations: Registering for an exam

Please note that you have to register online for all exams (“MAPs”), no matter which form of examination you take and whether it is graded or not. This also applies to the exam for fieldtrips. Registrations by telephone or e-mail will not be accepted!

There are the following exceptions:

An online registration for the exam in the modules

  • “BZQ” and “Geographische Berufspraxis”;
  • Scientific Writing; and
  • the Bachelor thesis and the Master thesis

is neither required nor possible. There are also no registration deadlines for these exams.

The thesis you either register in person at the Examination Office or send the completed and signed registration form by e-mail from your HU account.

The fulfilment of the “Geographische Berufspraxis” is reported to the Examination Office by the “Praxiswerkstatt” and the participation in “Scientific Writing” is passed on by the lecturers.

Students who take modules in the interdisciplinary elective area (“ÜWP”) also register online via AGNES for “Modul ohne Prüfung”. This is the only way that the Examination Office of the institute offering the module can register your credits for the course.

ERASMUS+ students and part-time students must register in person or by e-mail at the Examination Office within the deadlines.

If you do not register for an exam prior to taking it, then no credits can be registered!

Please note that admittance to a module or course via AGNES (or after personal contact with a lecturer) does NOT automatically entail exam admittance. Admission to the exam always depends on the fulfilment of the requirements stated in your study and examination regulations (SPO). In case of doubt, you should consult the Examination Office and, if necessary, upon the Examination Office’s recommendation, the Examination Board at the beginning of the semester to find out whether you can actually take a desired exam.

Print out or save the confirmation of successful exam registration so that you have proof in case of problems!

You can find the registration deadlines and the examination schedule on the website of the Examination Office. Please also pay attention to information in your HU account and via the newsletter.

If there are problems with the online registration–for example, due to technical reasons–please contact the Examination Office (not the lecturers) immediately. If you are entitled to admission to the exam, then they will be happy to help you. We advise you to register to your exam with an adequate time buffer that gives you enough leeway to address potential problems. Should you choose to register immediately prior to the end of the registration period, there might not be enough time to solve potential problems. Please take note of the generous withdrawal times that offer you further leeway.

If you have not received a TAN list or have lost it, please contact the AGNES team (agnes@hu-berlin.de)

Only in urgent exceptional cases may you receive a new TAN list in the Examination Office.

You can withdraw from an exam online without giving reasons up to one week before an exam. If you fall ill on the date of the exam, please submit the relevant applications and supporting documents to the Examination Office immediately, at the latest within 3 working days (date of postmark). Please also note this information.

For written and oral exams, there is a second examination period before the beginning of the next semester. You can decide for yourself when to write exams or take oral exams. The first examination period is NOT mandatory. However, if you wait with the exam until the second examination period and then fail the exam, or if you let both examination periods pass, you may have to wait for a year as not every exam is offered every semester. Please also note that there are courses (and corresponding exams) that are not offered every year. Especially electives may be offered only once and you are no longer entitled to take an examination for these courses after the examination periods have passed.

Attention: Students who want to register for the third attempt have the possibility of a consultation with the corresponding examiner beforehand. Registration for the exam then takes place in person at the Examination Office! Please present proof of consultation or your declining of this offer.

Please note once again that successful exam registration, including meeting the deadlines, is your own responsibility!