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Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Geography Department

Studies at the Geography Department

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Through the broad range of labs and working groups that are part of the Geography Department, students are can take the opportunity to find a thorough introduction into the subject matter of geography.

We encourage disciplinary specialization while as the same time offering to study the science of geography comprehensively.

The Geography Department at the Humboldt-Universitätt zu Berlin is the only academic institution in the region of Berlin-Brandenburg offering a full education in Human and Physical Geography as well as the training of geography teachers.

The Geography Department’s unique profile in teaching and research focuses on two core topics:

  • Urban and metropolitan research
  • Land Use Research


The Departments established collaboration network comprises several universities, as well as non academic and private sector institutions which all together enables vital network of contacts and supports teaching and research. Numerous national and international research projects offer exciting career opportunities to committed students.

Our flexible and future-oriented mono- and combined Bachelor’s programs in geography, as well as three master programs (MSc Physical Geography of Human-Environmental Systems, MA Urban Geography - Human Geography and Master of Education), enable each graduate student to fulfill his/her career ambitions in academia or the private sector.

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