Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Geography Department

Examinations: Illness and other reasons for missing an exam

Regulations on the missing of exams can be found in §107 of the Fächerübergreifenden Satzung zur Regelung von Zulassung, Studium und Prüfung der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (ZSP-HU).

You can withdraw from an exam via AGNES up to one week before the examination date without giving reasons.

In the event of illness, a medical certificate entailing the illness’ impact on your performance and its duration must be submitted (“Nachweis des Verhinderungsgrundes”). The certificate must be based on an immediate examination, usually an examination on the day of the examination at the latest. Please use the template form with explanations for the doctors.

The certificate must be received by the Examination Office within 3 working days of the examination date, otherwise the exam will be recorded as "failed" (0 points).

Other important reasons for not being able to attend an exam must be substantiated accordingly.

Please note:

  • Late notification of illness or other reasons for not being able to attend and exam will result in the examination being recorded as "failed" (0 points).

Illness and other reasons for missing an exam will be recorded accordingly in your examination account (AGNES).