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26.10.2021 | Geographisches Kolloquium

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  • Wann 26.10.2021 von 15:00 bis 17:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)
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Geographisches Kolloquim


Bakhtiar Feizizdeh

University of Tabriz


Scenario-based analysis of the impacts of lake drying on sustainable food production


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Lake Urmia in Northern Iran is drying up at such an alarming rate that it is considered to be a dying lake, which has dire consequences for local and regional sustainable food production, public health and many other environmental issues. To explore current and predicted impacts of the dying lake on sustainable food production, we investigate changes in climatic conditions, land use, and land degradation for the period 1990-2020. We apply integrated data-driven approaches such as object-based image analysis, machine learning techniques, and spatiotemporal analysis as well as scenario-based modeling in GIScience.