Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Geographisches Institut

Curriculum Vitae

  • Aug 17 – Present

Department of Geography, Humboldt University,  Full Professor in Ecohydrology and Berlin, Germany and Head of Department 1 (Ecohydrology) Leibniz Institute for Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries IGB Berlin, Germany  and Full Professor in Hydrology & School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen Landscape Ecology

  • Jul 10 – Jul 17    

School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen         Full Professor in Hydrology & Landscape Ecology

  • Jan 09 – Jun 10    

School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen Reader (Associate Professor)

  • Jan 07 – Dec 08   

School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen, Lecturer

  • Mar 04 – Dec 06    

School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen Post-Doctoral Research Fellow 

Education & Professional Development 

  • 2013          

DSc (Doctor of Science): Hydrology, University of Aberdeen ‘Tracing connections between landscapes and riverscapes: conceptualising the links between catchment hydrology and in-stream ecology’ 

  • 2004

PhD (Dr.rer.nat): Hydrology University of Freiburg ‘Ecologically meaningful hydrological assessment of flow dynamics in urban rivers’ 

  • 1999            

MSc: Physical Geography & Landscape Ecology, 1st Class, University of Hanover, Master thesis conducted at CSIRO Land & Water ‘Davies Lab’ Tonwsville, Queensland Australia;  ‘Assessment of runoff generation and groundwater recharge beneath sugar cane in the Ripple Creek subcatchment, Queensland’ (1998) 

  • 1994            

BSc: Geography, 1st Class, University of Potsdam