Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Wirtschaftsgeographie

Study Project Germany 2018


April to July 2018, Berlin-Brandenburg


The study project „Rural-urban transitions and food supply systems in Berlin-Brandenburg“ in summer semester 2018 was a joint project of staff members and students from all EAGERLearn partner universities. It was integrated in the Erasmus+ EAGERLearn Programme and took place at HU Berlin.

In international and interdisciplinary research groups, the students investigated and empirically studied:

- conflicts between humans and wild boars in Germany,

- sustainable agriculture and the influence of politics in Brandenburg, and

- consumption behaviours of citizens of Berlin at farmers‘ markets. 

Both qualitative and quantitative research approaches were applied and discussed. Besides theoretical input, the course contained two field trips to different sites in Brandenburg.


study-project-Germany-2018.text.image0   P5180166

Designing of the research projects (left) and field trip to Ökodorf Brodowin in Brandenburg (right) (Photo: Birgit Zipf)