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DFG Workshop 2018


From 11-12 October 2018, the workshop "Science meets Business – Logistics and Retail of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Kenya and Tanzania" was held in Nairobi.

In this workshop, 40 experts, practitioners and stakeholders from the politics, the economy, non-governmental organisations and the sciences came together and successfully shared and discussed latest scientific and practical insights within the field of logistics and retail of fresh fruits and vegetables in East Africa.

The proceedings of this workshop have been published and can be accessed here.


Group 1

Participants of the DFG workshop (Photo: Anne-Sophie Kagel)


The workshop was part of the DFG funded research project "How do fresh fruit and vegetables (FFV) get to supermarkets in Kenya and Tanzania? The interrelations between the expansion of supermarkets and the establishment of delivery systems/intermediaries for fresh products." The project is led by Professor Elmar Kulke and Christian Sonntag (both Department of Geography, Economic Geography).