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Staff teaching visits to Berlin, 2021

October 2021


Dr. Benjamin Makau Kitata and Dr. Rebecca N. Karaya-Kigwa to our hybrid Result workshop „Exploring Urban Agriculture in Global South and North“ from 11.-13.10.2021 in Berlin. Due to pandemic restrictions, invitation of staff from Tanzania was unfortunately impossible. We very much hope to find another option for an invitation to Berlin in the near future. All partners supported the project with very valuable case study inputs, talks, moderation and advisory engagement. After extensive preparation the participants carried out own projects in international teams which were presented at the result workshop (see Workshop Outline). Since the student projects and case study presentations were for the most part of a very good quality, a joint publication in the official edition "Arbeitsberichte, Geographisches Institut Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin" is envisdaged. Editing will be done in co-operation by the international team of lecturers and the link will be shared as soon as publication is accomplished.



Dr. Kitata and Dr. Kigwa in front of HU main building.jpg

Visiting Prof. Fuss at MCC.jpg

Dr. Kitata and Dr. Kigwa in front of the Humboldt-University main building (left) and Dr. Kitata and Dr. Kigwa visiting Prof. Fuss at the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change (right) (photos: EAGER Trans-Net).