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Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Climate Geography

Topics for Theses

Below you find proposals concerning possible topics for theses - some of which can be "tailored" for master and bachelor theses regarding the different issues investigated within climate geography and grouped by superordinated fields. Further, modified, and similar topics regarding the research priorities of the department can be discussed and facilitated together depending on your request. For requests in that regard please contact the relevant personnel of the climate geography department. Our central topics are:


Topics regarding Snow, Glaciers and Climate


Topics regarding Climate Change and it's Impacts / Climate Modelling / Climate Variability

  • B.Sc./M.Sc.: Investigation of climate change scenarios in different regions of Germany with CORDEX-EU emsemble data. (contact Sebastian Schubert)
  • B.Sc./M.Sc.: Analysis of spatio-temporal variability of snow cover and/or snow height at Harz and/or other low mountain ranges in East Central Europe using MODIS remote sensing and/or weather staion data. (contact Christoph Schneider)
  • B.Sc./M.Sc.: Analysis of climate variability impacts, e.g., NAO, ENSO, Polar Vortex, etc. on extreme snow events in East German low mountain ranges. (contact Christoph Schneider)
  • M.Sc.: Assessment of climate model ensembles for Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. (contact Christoph Schneider, linkage to research project GABY-VASA)
  • B.Sc./M.Sc.: Reconstruction of climate and growth relations of selected tree species for the north-east German lowlands (Bachelor's/Master's thesis at GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, contact Ingo Heinrich) - further information
  • M.Sc.: Tree growth in Boreal forests of Siberia at the transition from tundra to bright taiga dominated by deciduous larches (Master's Thesis at AWI and GFZ Potsdam, contact Ingo Heinrich)


Topics regarding Air Pollution Control

  • M.Sc.: Spatial distribution of ultra-fine dust depending on road types and land use in Berlin-Adlershof. Evaluation of mobile measurements. (contact Sabine Fritz)
  • B.Sc./M.Sc.: Analysis of ultra-fine dust concentrations in the vicinity of Berlin-Tegel Airport. Balancing and range of UFP emissions at the airport. Evaluation of stationary and mobile measurements. (contact Sabine Fritz)
  • M.Sc.: Development of a neuronal network model for predicting particulate matter concentration for one or more air quality measurement station in Berlin (contact Christoph Schneider, suggestion: Particulate matter prediction for Aachen)


Topics regarding Urban Climatology

  • M.Sc.: The daytime Surface Urban Heat Island of Ibadan, Nigeria from MODIS and/or Landsat TM satellite data. (contact Christoph Schneider)
  • B.Sc./M.Sc.: Investigation of Berlin's impacts on precipitatipon in Berlin and its sorroundings. (contact Sebastian Schubert)
  • B.Sc.: Analysis of temperature distributions in Berlin and its sorroundings. (contact Sebastian Schubert)