Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Climate Geography

Online learning platforms of climate geography (Humboldt-Platform)

This platform contains a list of links to online web modules or other informative platforms dealing with a variety of aspects and data in the field of climate geography. Many modules are available in German only. For English, please see the first column where the language of the respective website is specified.

EN + DE Adaptation Compass

Temporarily not available (07/02/2018).

Guidance for the development of climate-adapted urban regions. English and German.

EN APAY e-Learning Climate Change

English language online learning platform on tourism-focused topics such as the development of sustainable tourism, climate justice and measures to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

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DE Brot für die Welt: Ökologischer Fußabdruck Quiz to calculate the ecological footprint.
DE Bildungswiki Klimawandel The Wiki is aimed at students* and teachers* who are looking for current, versatile and conceptual knowledge for school lessons.
EN Climate Change, Risks and Challenges

English-language online course to discuss the characteristics, causes and possible effects of climate change. The course explains the complexity of the Earth system, distinguishes between anthropogenic and natural influences on the climate, and shows ways to take action against climate change.

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EN Climate Literacy English language online modules on climate change, resource consumption and sustainability in the fields of energy, mobility and consumption.
EN Climate Learning Network English language network for learning units on climate.
DE Climate Data Center A database of the German Weather Service from which climate data can be accessed, downloaded and interactively visualized directly on the website.
DE Deutsche Anpassungsstrategie an den Klimawandel Information on the adaptation strategies of the Federal Republic of Germany at national level.
DE Deutscher Klimaatlas Visualized measurement data and climate scenarios for Germany in maps and time series.
DE Deutsches Klimaportal Bundles and categorizes climate service providers in Germany for a specific search for data and current information on climate change and its effects, e.g. in the forestry sector, coastal protection or finance.
DE + EN Espere Multilingual climate encyclopedia, where knowledge of climate geography is taught.
EN EPA-Heat Island Effect English language online module of the United States Environmental Protection Agency EPA to reduce the heat island effect.
DE Frankfurt School UNEP

Online courses on the financial aspects of preventive and adaptive climate protection measures. This course can be credited with 6 ECTS per module when taking an exam.

The registration is subject to a fee.

DE Hamburger Bildungsserver Klimawandel Detailed information, data and posters on climate change and its consequences.
- ILIAS Lernplattform Temporarily not available. (02.07.2018)
DE INKAS – Informationsportal Klimaanpassung in Städten Interactive consulting tool of the German Weather Service DWD for climate-resilient urban development.
DE International Federation of Red Cross

Online module on climate change.

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EN IPCC (Reports) English language website of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Here, for example, the IPCC reports can be viewed and downloaded, which deal with key aspects of the causes and consequences of climate change and future scenarios.

IPCC (weiterführende Links)

English language list with links to further information websites, projects, reports etc.
DE Keep Cool Online business game on climate change, climate protection and strategies for climate change adaptation
EN Klima sucht Schutz In the course of the campaign of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, opportunities for climate protection for private individuals are explained.
DE KlimafolgenOnline The platform offers a vivid presentation of climate and climate simulation data in self-selected categories between 1901 and 2100.
DE Klimalotse Online modules with a guide to adapting to climate change with varying degrees of intensity; designed for small businesses and municipalities.

Online course on climate change. On this website there are more courses on climate, environment and energy.  

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DE Klimascout Wiki on adaptation to climate change for communities and citizens*.
DE KLIMOPASS Support program including implementation guide for municipalities in Baden-Württemberg.
DE KliStap - Klimawandelanpassung in der Stadtplanung Online learning platform of climate geography of the Humboldt University of Berlin on urban climate and its change. Here, general information on urban climate as well as the effects of climate change and appropriate countermeasures are discussed. Under construction.
DE KomPass The platform of the Federal Environment Agency provides a database of adaptation activities to climate change in a project catalog (Germany to Central Europe) and the database (regional and local projects).
DE + EN MetEd A multilingual online learning platform with learning modules on meteorological topics such as climate, weather and environment & society.
DE Praxisleitfaden - Klimaschutz in Kommunen Guide for climate protection at the municipal level with numerous practical examples.
DE RAOnline Klima&Wetter Information portal with learning units on different climatological phenomena.
DE Städtebauliche Klimafibel Summary of materials to facilitate the consideration of climatic aspects in urban planning.
DE Stadtklimalotse

Temporarily unavailable due to maintenance work (02.07.2018)

Actor-related consulting instrument for municipal urban development against the background of climatic influences and changes.

EN Swiss NGO DRR & CCA platform

English language online modules on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation.

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EN School of Community Government eLearning

English language online modules on climate change and urban planning.

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DE Tatenbank Database of measures at different administrative levels for climate change adaptation and mitigation.
DE Umweltbundesamt An information portal of the Federal Environment Agency on climate protection and energy policy with a focus on Germany and the European Union.
EN UN CC:e-Learn. Climate Change Learning Partnership

English language online modules on climate change.

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DE Webgeo Extremely detailed online modules, in which the physical, chemical and meteorological interrelationships of the Earth system are explained. In addition to climatology, there are further learning modules, including economic, settlement and hydrogeography.
EN Webgeo&FAO - Climate and Flood Forecast Application in Agriculture English language online learning module for the application of climate and flood forecasts in agriculture.
EN Webgeo&FAO - Anpassung an den Klimawandel English language online learning module for a community-based approach to climate change adaptation in rural communities.
DE Wetterlexikon des DWD An online encyclopedia with explanations of the most important meteorological terms.
DE Wuppertal Institut: Ökologischer Rucksack Quiz to calculate your own consumption of ecological resources, from production to consumption.
EN World Bank Group: Open Learning Campus

Extensive English-language website with podcasts, videos, games, online modules and more.

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Online game for secondary school students to raise awareness of their own influence on the climate.