Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Geography Department

Presentations (selection)



  • Swarm intelligence Mietshäuser Syndikat – grass roots housing assemblages as motor for social innovation? ENHR Annual Conference. Cyprus (digital). 2. September 2021.
  • Non-profit, collectivized housing models - What can social housing provision learn from models such as the Mietshäuser Syndikat and Community Land Trusts? Seminar Nonprofit housing models (Prof. Carsten Keller). University of Kassel. June 22, 2021.
  • German Housing - Panel Discussion "No Alternative! The Political Right and the Housing Question." Helle Panke, Berlin. April 8, 2021.



Translocal mobilization of housing commons - The example of the Mietshäuser Syndikat. UFZ Leipzig. Geographical Colloquium Leipzig winter semester 2020/21. December 8, 2020.



  • Against all odds - Bottom-up organized solidarity housing in Vienna. Deutscher Kongress für Geographie. Christian Albrechts University Kiel. September 28, 2019.
  • The Mietshäuser Syndikat as assemblage. The significance of spatial learning processes for a new social housing policy (poster together with David Amacher) Deutscher Kongress für Geographie. Christian Albrechts University Kiel. September 28, 2019.



Alternative Urban Spaces & Politics – Theoretical Approaches and Empirical Insights from Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile. Urban Dynamics Online Lecture Series. 24. Mai 2016.



Emancipatory dynamics and spatial entanglements of contentious planning practices. The example of Peñalolén, Santiago de Chile. RC 21 International Conference. Urbino. 27.-29. August 2015.



  • Strategies and discursive effects of urban development conflicts in Latin America - Two case studies from Santiago de Chile. Deutscher Geographentag. Passau. October 2-8, 2013.
  • Struggles around gentrification and access to housing in Latin American Cities. Comparing social movements in Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires. Latin Laboratory Lectures. Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP). Columbia University of New York. New York. 1. Juli 2013.
  • Housing Justice and social movements in Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires. Planners Network Conference: Beyond Resilience. New York. 6.–8. Juni 2013.
  • Conflictos urbanos en Santiago de Chile y Buenos Aires. Estrategias de actores e impacto en la gobernanza local. CONTESTED_CITIES Seminario de Investigación. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. 5. März 2013.



  • Gentrificación en Berlín – Dinámicas, estrategias políticas y protestas. Jornada Berlín: Cuestiones actuales de desarrollo urbano y planificación. Centro Germano Argentino y Universidad de Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires. 13. August 2012.
  • Current Planning Conflicts in Santiago de Chile and their Impact on Opportunities of Citizen Participation in the Future. 54 International Congress of Americanists. Wien. 15.-20.07.2012.



Boom of high-rise apartment buildings in Buenos Aires. New spaces of Residentiality or motor of disintegration? (zusammen mit Jan Dohnke) Annual RC 21 Conference. Amsterdam. 7.-10.7.2011.



Conflictos urbanos en Santiago de Chile y Buenos Aires. Efectos de las actuales estrategias de participación ciudadana en el desarrollo urbano. VII Congreso Chileno de Antropología. San Pedro de Atacama. 25.-29.10.2010.



  • How stakeholders perceive the challenges of metropolitan governance – an empirical insight from Santiago de Chile. (zusammen mit Henning Nuissl) International Conference: Megacities: Risk, Vulnerability and Sustainable Development. Leipzig. 7.-9.09.2009.
  • The future of megacities in Latin America. Governance perspectives for Santiago de Chile. Annual RC 21 Conference. Sao Paulo. 23.-25.08.2009.
  • Temas futuros de gobernabilidad en Santiago de Chile. Workshop: Escenarios para la Región Metropolitana 2010 – 2050. UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribean, Santiago de Chile. 2.-3.04. 2009.



Presentation of the computer tool ESYS. 2nd workshop: Sustainability check for a demography-proof infrastructure. BMF, Berlin. June 10, 2008.



  • Guarded high-rise apartment complexes in Buenos Aires. Is there a revival of the inner cities? Symposium: Buenos Aires - Aspects of current urban research. Society for Geography. Berlin. November 3, 2017.
  • The increase in high-rise apartment buildings in Buenos Aires. New spaces of alternative social life or motor of disintegration? 4th International Conference: Private Urban Governance & Gated Communities. Paris. June 5-8, 2007.



Discursos de inseguridad y la urbanización cerrada. Dos formas de habitar exitosas en comparación. 52° Congreso Internacional de Americanistas. Universidad de Sevilla, Spanien. June 12-17, 2006.



Torres Countries en Buenos Aires – La prolongación de una nueva forma de vivir como desencadenante y multiplicador de la fragmentacion social. Los casos de Palermo Nuevo y El Abasto. 1er Congreso Latinoamericano de Antropología en Rosario, Argentinien, July 11-15, 2005.