Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Geography Department

Teaching Activities


Currently no seminars.

Supervised theses:

  • Spaces of emancipation: The Museo Popular de Siloé in Cali, Colombia - the struggle against stigmatization (master thesis)

  • Tenants' unions as a way to socialization? European tenant unions in comparison (master thesis)

  • Solidarity economic collectives and their meaning for urban development. The example of the Denkstatt in Basel (master thesis)

  • Follow-up effects of the electric car company Tesla in Grünheide for the city of Fürstenwalde/Spree (bachelor thesis)

  • CoHousing as a social innovation for neighborhood development using the example of the Kerngehäuse in the Wrangelkiez in Berlin (master thesis)

  • The networking of civil society actors in the non-profit cohousing movement in Catalonia (bachelor thesis)
  • Attempt to increase voice: tenant councils as an element of tenant participation in Berlin's state-owned housing associations (master thesis)
  • The mid-city context as an impact structure for climate protests. The case study tree squatting in Ravensburg (bachelor thesis)
  • Urban displacement processes in the Berlin press - To what extent can displacement processes in the context of non-residential use be observed in the Berlin press? (bachelor thesis)


  • Cooperative, integrated, public benefit oriented. New standards in neighborhood development? An analysis using the example of the Haus der Statistik (master thesis)
  • Reorientation of Berlin's housing policy towards a public benefit orientation: the role of civil society



On the role of participation processes for urban policy initiatives using the example of the Rathausblock redevelopment area in Berlin-Kreuzberg (bachelor thesis)



Community Organizing in Germany - An agonistic approach to citizen participation? (master thesis)


  • Impact of citizen referendums in rural communities - the example of Schmalfeld (bachelor thesis).
  • The influence of knowledge as a resource for citizen movements on their positioning in the urban power structure using the example of Hamburg Farmesen-Berne (bachelor thesis)
  • Creative in Kiel (bachelor thesis)
  • On the multilocality of Kiel students (bachelor thesis)
  • Olympic sailing competitions 2024 in Kiel - On the sustainability of urban development projects (bachelor thesis)