Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Geography Department

Teaching and Course Schedule

Information about the courses could be found in the VVZ (see under “Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät”). The enrolment for the courses is also via “VVZ” (Vorlesungsverzeichnis). Unlike the seminars, you do not have to enrol for lectures. Most courses are taught in German.

There is a guide for using the VVZ - AGNES and a leaflet.

Furthermore, you could take courses on the Sprachenzentrum for your linguistic qualification and at KUSTOS for your intercultural skills. For social sciences, courses of Georg-Simmel Center could be added at your timetable. The bologna lab offer the course program "Berlin Perspectives". To profound your knowledge in different geographical subjects we propose Colloquia at Geographic department and also in Urban Sociology the Think & Drink-Colloquium.

The schedule, dates and times for courses as well as for the academic year in general are shown here.

The courses taught at the Geography Department are addressed both to Bachelor students and to Master students. Furthermore, a programme for Monobachelors/-masters and a combined course in Geography Teaching are offered.

  • Monobachelor: 6 semesters leading to a B.Sc. or B.A.
  • Combined Bachelor/Master programme (with teaching option)
  • Master (M.A.) Urban Geography (Human Geography)
  • Master (M.Sc.) Physical Geography of Human-Environment Systems

The “VVZ” shows the courses offered which are sorted by degree course.

Bachelor students are taught the fundamentals of the different subfields of Geography (see professorships). Advanced courses and specialisations are offered by “Oberseminare” and study projects, but also in Regional Geography.

Master students almost exclusively follow advanced courses. A major focus is on learning and using complex geographical methods, especially in Geomatics. The Master students of physical geography are especially taught in methods of climate impact studies and soil geography.   

A large variety of excursions is offered for all students of the Geography Department. There are one-day excursions, multiple-day excursions and longer excursions, the so called “Hauptexkursionen”. To participate in these excursions, you have to register with the excursion leader or with his/her secretary. The “Hauptexkursion” is combined with a preparatory seminar and is suitable for foreign students with a study time at Humboldt University of at least two semesters.