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EnMap-Box download

Download of EnMAP-Box and related information

EnMAP-Box Distribution Packages

Please note that imageRF and imageSVM are part of each EnMAP-Box Distribution Package.

IDL Binaries IDL Virtual Machine Source Code Package Name Description
For Users
yes Windows 32 Bit
Windows 64 Bit
Linux 32 Bit
Linux 64 Bit
- EnMAP-Box_win32.zip


Stand-alone version with build-in IDL 8.0 virtual machine. Note that a 32 bit version will not run on a 64 bit system.
(FTP login user: enmapboxuser, password: enmap2015)


yes - - EnMAP-Box.zip

Requires an IDL 8.0 or ENVI 4.8 installation.
(FTP login user: enmapboxuser, password: enmap2015)

For Developers
yes - yes EnMAP-Box_src.zip Requires an IDL development license.
(FTP login user: enmapboxdeveloper)
- - yes SVN repository source code repository not yet available

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