Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Earth Observation Lab


Paper on "Long-term deforestation dynamics in the Brazilian Amazon—Uncovering historic frontier development along the Cuiabá–Santarém highway"

Hannes Müller (Doctoral researcher), Patrick Griffiths (Postdoc) and Patrick Hostert (Chair of the Geomatics Lab) have used image compositing to detect annual deforestation information from 1985-2012 along the BR-163 highway in the Brazilian Amazon. For the first time, they show historic deforestation processes in this highly dynamic deforestation frontier and discuss their findings in context of a complex socio-economic and political framework.

Review of an extensive scientific exchange...

156 researchers from 32 countries and all continents discussed upcoming opportunities and challenges at the beginning of this new remote sensing era during the 5th workshop of the EARSeL Special Interest Group on Land Use and Land Cover. The workshop was jointly organized between the EARSeL SIG and NASA’s LCLUC Science Team at the Department of Geography of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany, on March 17-18, 2014.