Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Earth Observation Lab

Earth Observation

hilly landscape with trees and graslandsThis module provides acquirement of advanced knowledge on remote sensing methods. In the seminar, students learn theory, concepts and methods of environmental monitoring and analysis of terrestrial ecosystems. A specific focus lies on land cover and land use. Students will accordingly conceptualize methodological frameworks that match the investigated process regimes (and that will be implemented in the computer seminar of the module). In the computer seminar, students will perform PC-based analyses with digital image processing systems. The advanced research questions targeted here are jointly developed in the accompanying seminar. Students will get exposed to ongoing research and will through that embed remote sensing approaches in applied scientific analyses. Case studies can focus on two main research areas in geography: agricultural landscapes, and forests. The different regional foci will align with the research projects conducted in the Geomatics Lab and could include, for example, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America or Central Asia.