Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Earth Observation Lab

Studying Geography with a Focus on Remote Sensing

Istanbul - Landsat-8 satellite imaging, 25th July 2017

Scene: Istanbul, Landsat-8 satellite image, 25th July, 2017. Image courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey

Welcome to the Earth Observation Lab

Are you interested in environmental change at local, regional and global scales? Do you want to map change processes such as deforestation, land degradation or urbanisation? Or learn how societal changes are mirrored in the spatial-temporal change of land cover? If yes, follow your interests by focussing on remote sensing.

The Earth Observation Lab focuses on developing and applying remote sensing methods to better understand processes in various types of land systems. As a student, you will learn to acquire, visualize and process optical imagery from air- and spaceborne sensors. This way, you can create your own digital (change) maps on land cover/use at local scales. All courses are based on freely available software and data. In our advanced courses we offer introductions to applied programming with R based on selected research topics. During study projects, you will learn how to validate your analyses in the field and how to upscale local knowledge to larger areas.