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EnMap: "Berlin-Urban-Gradient" dataset

March 2016

The Berlin data (HyMap/simulated EnMap, reference data and spectral library) are published with a DOI and can be downloaded via the EnMap webpage.

Visit the data description sheet (1.5 MB PDF) for more information.


Geography Department: Geo Data Information

At the Geography Department, we are about to develop a platform providing both geo data available at the Geography Department and meta data pointing to geo data sources. It is linked with a wiki additionally containing basic information about geo data processing and will be continuously updated and extended.

You can access the Geo Data Information platform by clicking on the thumbnail image below.


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Example: 25 years of forest dynamics in the Carpathian ecoregion

With the opening of the Landsat archive in 2008, regional monitoring of land change has become feasible at 30m spatial resolution. Taking advantage of these new opportunities, we utilized our compositing algorithms to generate a series of large area image composites that allow the reconstruction of forest cover changes since 1985. We studied the Carpathian ecoregion in Eastern Europe. Our aim was to better understand how forest area, forest composition and forest disturbances/recovery evolved since the collapse of Eastern European socialism. The results show that forest area increased slightly, while the distribution of forest types changed markedly, featuring a decrease in coniferous forests and an increasing dominance of mixed and deciduous forests. On the pan-Carpathian scale, forest disturbances decreased considerably after the early transition years while disturbances increasingly occurred in coniferous stands. This study was published in Remote Sensing of Environment and the paper detailing the approach and the results can be found here.

The derived products of this study - the forest disturbance map and forest type maps - can be obtained after a short message indicating what you plan to use the data for.

Carpathian ecoregion PG

Selected results of the study: (top) pan-Carpathian forest disturbance map at 30m spatial resolution and five year temporal interval; (bottom) Net change map balancing forest disturbances, post disturbance recovery and forest area increase.