Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Biogeography

Master's level classes

We are involved in two classes at the Master’s level. All classes at the Master’s level are held in English.

Global Land Use Dynamics

This module focusses on the role of land use in the earth system and as a driver of global environmental change, its impacts from local to global scales, and thus the importance of land use for many major sustainability challenges as well as food security. The module puts a particular focus on systemic changes currently happening in land systems globally due to, for example, urbanization, globalization, the increasing competition for land, and feedbacks between land use and other processes of global change such as climate change. Participants will also learn about the theoretical foundation of Land System Science, and explore approaches for analyzing drivers of land change, mapping land changes, and simulating land systems.

This class is offered in collaboration with the Geomatics Lab. A more detailed description can be found here.

Ecosystem Dynamics and Global Change

Students attained profound knowledge base of theory and concepts related to ecosystem ecology, and a deep understanding of complex human-environment systems. Students know and have practiced methods and tools to analyze and model the feedbacks between biotic and abiotic components of such systems, and to explore the spatiotemporal dynamics, stability, and resilience of human-environment systems with a focus on ecological processes. Moreover, students attained a methodological basis to quantify and assess ecosys-tem services, to analyze trade-offs and synergies between in human-environment systems across scales. Course participants have deepened their skills in critically evaluating, summarizing, and discussing primary research literature.

This class is offered in cooperation with the Landscape Ecology Group (Prof. Haase). A more detailed description can be found here.


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