Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Biogeography

Past Projects

Here are some of the larger, collaborative research projects e have been leading or involved with in the past:

Towards Adoption of Systematic Wildlife Monitoring Framework in the Southern Caucasus

Embedding monitoring in conservation efforts is crucial for developing proactive conservation and management strategies, and for evaluating their effectiveness. 

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ReForCha - Continuous satellite-based indicators for mapping subtropical forest degradation and its environmental impacts

Using the Dry Chaco in Argentina as an example, we develop advanced remote sensing methods and indicators to map forest degradation, assess effects of forest dynamics on soil degradation and salinization, and evaluate forest protection policies.

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COUPLED - Operationalising Telecouplings for Solving Sustainability Challenges for Land Use

COUPLED was a European Training Network (H2020) focused on the concept of telecoupling and sustainability challenges in land use.

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Timber rafts

EcoSpy - Leveraging the potential of historical spy satellite photography for ecology and conservation

EcoSpy used global, high-resolution spy satellite photographs from the Cold War era (Corona) to enhance the long-term understanding of ecological processes.

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Trade-offs between agriculture and biodiversity conservation in the South American Chaco

This project assessed effects of land-use change on biodiversity in the Argentine Chaco over the last 40 years. It did so using the full Landsat image archives to map land change, and local biodiversity data to assess land-change impacts.

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FORESTS & CO - Co-Benefits and Conflicts between CO2 sequestration and biodiversity conservation in European Forests

This project mapped primary forests in Europe and explored synergies and trade-offs between carbon and biodiversity in  them.

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PASANOA - Pathways to sustainable land management in Northern Argentina

This project assessed agriculture/biodiversity/carbon trade-offs in the Argentine Dry Chaco and assessed how landscapes could look like that minimize these trade-offs.

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BALTRAK - Balancing trade-offs between agriculture and biodiversity in the steppes of Kazakhstan

BALTRAK quantified changes in land use and fire regimes, and how both impacts on biodiversity, in terms of bird and plant communities, in Kazakhstan's steppes.

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HERCULES - Sustainable futures for Europe's heritage in cultural landscapes

HERCULES was a collaborative project funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission. In this project, we mapped land-uwe change and cultural landscapes across Europe.

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VOLANTE: Visions of land use transitions in Europe

VOLANTE was a project funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission. VOLANTE land system in Europe to develop a roadmap for future land resource management. We contributed mapping and understanding recent land-use change at the pan-European scale.

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Biodiversity impacts of future land use trajectories

This project investigated the influence of future land use change on biodiversity at the global scale. It was funded by the Einstein Foundation, Berlin.

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