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Photo:Hendrik Bluhm


European bison and moose once roamed the forests of Europe. Habitat loss, hunting and poaching led to the extermination of the bison in Poland and Germany, and only few moose were able to survive in the Polish forests. Since then, breeding and reintroduction programs as well as improved protection regulations contributed to the gradual population recoveries of both species in Poland, from where they are increasingly finding their way towards Germany. The project “ŁośBonasus-Crossing!” was launched in 2019 to initiate cross-border cooperation for the protection and management of moose and bison, and to strengthen public acceptance for the return of these large herbivores.


Funding and support:

This cross-border, European project is funded by the EU-Interreg program (Interreg 5a) (01.07.2019 – 30.06.2022)