Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Biogeography

Research overview

Recognizing that land use is a major cause of biodiversity loss, as well as a potential solution for maintaining it, the Conservation Biogeography Lab carries out research on three overarching questions:

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How do land systems change?

Here, we map where and when land use is changing, simulate land systems, and analyses why land-use changes changes are happening.

How is biodiversity in land systems impacted by different human pressures?

Here, we focus on understanding how biodiversity is affected by the various activities people carry out on land, such as agriculture, forestry or hunting.

Which strategies can balance conservation and other land uses?

Here, we analyze trade-offs between conservation and other land uses, seek for potential conservation strategies, and assess conservation effectiveness.

A more detailed research profile of our group can be found here.


Ongoing projects

Some larger, ongoing projects are listed below, with link so the respective project webpages.

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Transitioning to a land system paradigm in conservation

More information

Project Webpage


Understanding the biogeography of bats in Central Asia

More information


Developing and testing a socio-ecological monitoring system for protecting large mammals in the southern Caucasus

More information

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Understanding the westward expansion of European bison
and moose in Europe

More information

Project Webpage


Protected area effectiveness in the Caucasus during socioeconomic and political shocks

More information

Vanishing Treasures

Protecting the Snow Leopard in Central Asia

Project Webpage