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Tiago Reis







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Rudower Chaussee 16, Room 2'232

+49 (0)30 2093-9453

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Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin, Germany

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About me

I am a PhD researcher at Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium, in the faculty of sciences. Currently visiting Humboldt-University Berlin, I look at stickiness in agricultural supply chains. My topics of interest involve land use science and policy, agricultural trade and supply chains, economic incentives and market-based instruments for conservation and restoration of native vegetation, land-tenure, and climate politics and policy. I am bachelor in international relations, specialized in management and assessment of public policies, and also in international business and trade. I am also master of sciences in environmental policy. In the last years, I have been through a diversified range of professional experiences, from analyst in fostering micro and small businesses in a public-private partnership, through running my own logistics enterprise, to being an environmental policy researcher and project's coordinator at a Brazilian NGO dedicated to the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado biomes and peoples.