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About me


My main interests are focused on understanding how different factors, such as land-use change, hunting pressure and climate change, shape current biodiversity patterns. I am particularly interested in finding out why, when and where species are likely to go extinct in deforestation frontiers. To do so, I use novel statistical analyses and develop approaches which help to spatially identify threats to biodiversity, and reveal how such threats change over time. I conduct policy relevant research by developing approaches that can be addressed by conservation strategies to prevent species’ extinctions.


Curriculum Vitae


Since 2015


Doctoral Researcher. Biogeography Lab, HU. Berlin, Germany



Research assistant/fieldworker. Scandinavian Brown Bear Research Project, Sweden



Research assistant. Doñana Biological Station - CSIC, Sevilla, Spain

2012 - 2014


Master degree in Applied Ecology. Hedmark University College, Norway


Fieldworker. Hedmark University College, Norway

2010 - 2011  

Erasmus student. Hedmark University College, Norway

2006 - 2012   Bachelor degree in Environmental Sciences. University of Alcalá, Spain.



Semper‐Pascual Asunción; Macchi Leandro; Sabatini Francesco Maria; Decarre Julieta; Baumann Matthias; Blendinger Pedro G.; Gómez‐Valencia Bibiana; Mastrangelo Matías E.; Kuemmerle Tobias; Banks‐Leite Cristina (2018): Mapping extinction debt highlights conservation opportunities for birds and mammals in the South American Chaco, Journal of Applied Ecology, 55, 1218-1229, DOI:10.1111/1365-2664.13074

Kuemmerle, T., M. Altrichter, G. Baldi, M. Cabido, M. Camino, E. Cuellar, R. L. Cuellar, J. Decarre, S. Díaz, I. Gasparri, G. Gavier-Pizarro, R. Ginzburg, A. J. Giordano, H. R. Grau, E. Jobbágy, G. Leynaud, L. Macchi, M. Mastrangelo, S. D. Matteucci, A. Noss, J. Paruelo, M. Piquer-Rodríguez, A. Romero-Muñoz, A. Semper-Pascual, J. Thompson, S. Torrella, R. Torres, J. N. Volante, A. Yanosky & M. Zak (2017): Forest conservation: Remember Gran Chaco, Science, 355, 465-466, DOI:10.1126/science.aal3020