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About me

I have a PhD in biology in Buenos Aires University (2014), where I work as a researcher since 2012.

My research focuses on the relationships between agricultural production and natural environments, especially in the Chaco Region, one deforestation hotspot at global level. In my thesis I studied the effects of forest fragmentation on plant communities. I attempt to apply my research results and landscape ecology concepts to improve the forest management and promote their conservation.


Selected Publications

2015. Torrella, S.; Ginzburg, R. y Galetto, L. "Forest fragmentation in the Argentine Chaco: recruitment and population patterns of dominant tree species". Plant Ecology 216: 1499-1510.

2015. Piquer-Rodrígez, M., Torrella, S., Gavier Pizarro, G., Volante, J., Somma, D., Ginzburg, R., Kuemmerle, T. "Effects of past and future land conversions on forest connectivity in the Argentine Chaco". Landscape Ecology 30: 817-833.

2013. Torrella, S.; Ginzburg, R.; Adámoli, J. y Galetto, L. "Changes in forest structure and tree recruitment in Argentinean Chaco: Effects of fragment size and landscape forest cover". Forest ecology and management 307: 147-154.