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I am a biologist from Paraguay with a Master degree in Ecology (University of Brasilia). I worked with bird communities since my graduation and then worked at the NGO Guyra Paraguay with land use change. My studies are focused on the effects of land use change on bird communities of the South America Chaco, integrating landscape dynamics and conservation approach. During my Master degree, I worked on land use dynamics and conservation of endemic birds of the Chaco, especially to identify important areas for endemic birds considering the bird distributions and the connectivity of the natural vegetation. Currently, I am a PhD candidate in Ecology (University of Brasilia) aiming to understand the effects of habitat loss and habitat fragmentation on bird communities of the Paraguayan Chaco.


Distinction / Award


  • National Research Incentive Program from the Paraguay National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT – Paraguay). Categorized at Candidate of Researcher level (2017- currently)
  • DAAD (German Academic Exchange). Co-financed Short-Term Research Grant Brazil, 2021. Research stay at Conservation Biogeography Laboratory at the Geography Department of the Humboldt University Berlin.




Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation. The Rufford Foundation. PhD project: “Birds under Attack: Impacts of Habitat Loss and Fragmentation in the Chaco” https://www.rufford.org/projects/romina_cardozo