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Call for applications for 2 PhD positions in our lab starting in the fall (deadline extended!)

We are now accepting applications for two new PhD positions in our lab. Both PhD projects will focus on the South American Chaco - the biggest continuous dry forest in the world, spanning parts of Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay. This area has undergone rapid deforestation and agricultural intensification in the past few decades with drastic outcomes for biodiversity and ecosystem services. Recruiting has started, but the application deadline has been extended until 31 Juli.


Application deadline extended until 31 July (but recruting has started)!


Project 1 will focus on remote sensing of forest degradation and recovery in order to better understand recent land-use change. Gradual forest changes, for example, due to logging or increased grazing pressure, will be assessed using satellite remote sensing and ground data. The environmental impacts of such changes will also be investigated.


Project 2 will investigate the impact of land-use change on mammals in the Gran Chaco. In order to develop effective conservation strategies, this project will assess habitat distribution and connectivity, along with the population dynamics of endangered mammals in the Chaco.


Both PhDs are part of a broader research project focusing on understanding recent land-use changes and their effects on biodiversity in the Chaco, which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and carried out in collaboration with the Instituto Nacional de Tecnología (INTA) in Buenos Aires and Salta, and the National Universities of Tucuman and Mar del Plata (all in Argentina).


Please click on the following links for more details on how to apply: Project 1 and Project 2.