Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Geography Department

Department vehicles

Reservation requests for one or more of the three department vehicles (german: Institutsbusse) of the Geography Department can be made via this website. There are two ways of making a reservation:

  1. Long-term requests: Long-term requests can be made up to 1 year in advance, in order to allow for a better planing of exkursions and/or field work. The best possible consideration is given to balancing the needs of all labs and excursions across the Geography Department.
  2. Short-term requests: Short-term requests can be made at any time. In case of overlaps with exisiting reservations, the respective persons must be contacted independetly in order to find possible solutions. Please note that existing reservations have priority.

The current availability of the vehicles can be overviewed in the calendar below. Before filling the form, please check whether one or more vehicles are available for your desired period. Please fill out the for below and send your reservation request. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Due to the current pandemic situation, there are restrictions with regards to the use of the department vehicles. Until further notice, the following restrictions apply:

  • Scenario I: All passengers are fully vaccinated or considered recovered (more information can be found here):
    The maximum capacity of the vehicles is 9 people (i.e., all seats can be occupied). The prerequisite is, that (a) all passengers have a recent negative result of a rapid antigen test, and (b) all passengers with exception of the driver wear a medical mask.
  • Scenario II: One or more passengers are not yet fully vaccinated or considered recovered:
    The maximum capacity of the vehicles is 4 people in addition to the driver (i.e., a total of five people per vehicle). The prerequisite is, that (a) all passengers have a recent negative result of a rapid antigen test, and (b) all passengers with exception of the driver wear a medical mask.

Under both scenarios, the windows should be kept open while driving for improved ventilation. Further, after the use of the busses, the passenger compartment and in particular the driver's console must be thoroughly desinfecte. For more information, please consult the bus management at the time of the request.





Reservation request
Personal information

I am a student or employee at the Geography Department
I am affiliated with another department or institution of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.
Desired rental period
Please ensure, that your desired rental period includes the day before and the day after the effective rental period in order to enable a seamless transition of the keys and documents. On request, a smartphone holder and a charging cablee can be borrowed as well

Start of period: End of period: Number of busses:
Expected use of vehicles
I request a smartphone holder and a USB charger.
Driving license

I confirm that I hold a valid driver's license. I also confirm this for all other potential drivers during the rental period.

The driver's licenses...
have been presented previously to the bus management
have to be presented to the bus management by the time of receiving the car documents

I have read the instructions for the careful use of the the vehicles (in German only) gelesen, and took note of it