Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Economic geography


Economic geography is dealing with spatial structures and developments of economic activities. It analyzes those activities by empirical methods and describes them in models and theories: Economic geography gives (acting) recommendations for regional policy arrangements. Scientific research in Economic Geography can be divided in a micro-economic level (locations and locational analysis) and a macro-economic level (regions and regional systems). The professorship teaches the whole field of economic geography. Research is focusing on geography of services. The members of the research team (project manager, doctoral candidates) work on independent but related aspects of a topic, especially on retail and business oriented services. Our research studies are involved in intradisciplinary, interdisciplinary and international cooperation projects like graduate schools, DFG research groups or the EU Interreg programme. Research questions are based on theories and model considerations or actual phenomenon; for empirical analysis quantitative and qualitative methods are used. A central aim of our work is to develop further general findings and to transfer our research findings beyond the borders of the scientific community. Reference areas are Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany, Central and Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia.