Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Cultural and Social Geography


Fig.: Tra Nguyen
Our team of cultural and social geographers teaches a variety of courses both in the BA and MA programs.






  • Introduction to cultural and social geography (compulsory for all first semester)
  • Regional development processes (compulsory for all first semester master students)
  • Social and cultural aspects of big cities (compulsory for second semester master students)
  • Field trips for both BA and MA: e.g. to London, Israel, Greece, Spain, Ghana
  • Elective courses for the BA and MA programs, e.g.:
    • Postcolonial urban development
    • Environmental justice
    • Urban food systems
    • International urban research: Right to the city
    • Migration and citizenship
    • Interdisciplinary urban research: New Urban Tourism (taught together with the Georg-Simmel-Zentrum für Metropolenforschung)
    • Cultural landscapes
    • Politics and identities
    • Visual geographies: Photography as a method
    • Housing markets
    • Feminist urban geography