Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Hydrology and Society


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Classes in B.Sc. and B.A. Geography


Einführung in die Statistik & Statistische Datenverarbeitung

The module "Einführung in die Statistik" conveys basic statistical methods that are essential for scientific research within the field of Geography. In the accompanying seminar "Statistische Datenverarbeitung", the students apply their theoretical knowledge to different practical examples using the open source programming language R.

Schedule: winter term


Social Hydrology

The interdisciplinary study project "Social Hydrology" broadly deals with the increasing interaction between human activities and the water cycle. With regard to different aspects of the human-water-relationship, the students are asked to develop, discuss and present their own research question. A tentative overall topic is the portrayal and analysis of historic water use and water management systems in different parts of the world considering their larger societal implications.

Schedule: summer term


Classes in M.Sc. Global Change Geography


Quantitative Methods for Geographers

The module "Quantitative Methods for Geographers" teaches different advanced statistical and mathematical approaches to the quantitative analysis of geo- and environmental data and the modelling of human-environment systems. On the basis of the acquired theoretical and exemplified knowledge, the students can apply existing approaches and adapt them to specific problems. They attain programming skills in R and can use them to plan and implement their own analyses.

Schedule: winter term


Applied Statistical Modelling

This module focuses on the fundamentals of Bayesian statistical modelling and includes the application of Bayesian analysis. A firm knowledge in classical statistics and programming skills in R are required (cf. "Quantitative Methods for Geographers").

Schedule: summer term


Risk and Uncertainty in Science and Policy

The interdisciplinary course "Risk and Uncertainty in Science and Policy" discusses the relationship between science and policy and examines possible uncertainties within this context. It seeks to introduce different types of risk analyses and their limits. Both quantitative and qualitative methods are taken into account.

Schedule: winter term, summer term


Interdisciplinary Classes


Scholarship for Sustainability & Global Justice