Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Applied Geography and Spatial Planning

Student Living in German University Cities

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The survey: https://umfrage.hu-berlin.de/index.php/142643


Humboldt University in Berlin

Applied Geography and Spatial Planning



B.Sc. Nepomuk Reinhard, Student Assistant, HU Berlin
B.A. Christian Trinkerl, Student Assistant, HU Berlin



Kontaktstelle Geographische Praxis
Alfred-Rühl Haus
Raum 4,108
Rudower Chaussee 16
12489 Berlin kontaktstelle.geographie@geo.hu-berlin.de

Tel.: +49 (030) 2093-6810


Applied Geography and Spatial Planning

Institute of Geography

Prof. Dr. Henning Nuissl


In cooperation with


Dipl. Geogr. Hannes Nagora



The project:

The amount of students in Germany is constantly rising over the last years. Not only universities realize this trend and face capacity issues, also the cities and the regional housing markets face this rise of numbers. The pressure on the local housing markets is rising since the offered amount of rooms and flats can't keep up with the requirements on side of the students. Furthermore, rising rental costs play their significant role so that this trend isn't only present in the recent political discourse, but also forces local administration to act and react. Just a few studies have addressed this issue. Against this background the department of Applied Geography and Spatial Planning supervises two master theses. Simultaneously, the results will be published as a market report - with active support by CBRE Germany GmbH. We also share the results of this survey to all questioned university locations in the form of aggregated data.