Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences - Applied Geoinformation Science


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  • Lakes, Prof. Dr. Tobia
    (Full Professor for Applied Geoinformation Science)
Lab Assistent
Doctoral Researchers/Scientific staff
Student Collaborators
Guest researchers
Former PostDocs/researchers
Former PhD Students
  • Dr. Carsten Krüger (Risikomodellierung im Banken-/Versicherungswesen)
  • Dr. Cheong, Yoon Ling (Ministry for Health, Malaysia)
  • Dr. Christian Geiß (DLR)
  • Dr. Florian Gollnow
  • Dr. Jan Tigges
  • Dr. Lisa Pech
  • Dr. Tabea Lissner (Climate Analystics)
  • Dr. Tobias Leichtle
  • Dr. Wei Weng
  • Dr. Batunacun
  • Dr. Leticia Hissa
Former short-term researchers/Fellowships
  • Christian Levers
  • Luis Felipe Melgarejo
  • Maduni Madayanaki
  • Michael Frings
  • Richard Jäger