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Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Ökohydrologie





Chris Soulsby; Bernhard Scheliga; Aaron Neill; Jean-Christophe Comte; Doerthe Tetzlaff

A longer-term perspective on soil moisture, groundwater and stream flow response to the 2018 drought in an experimental catchment in the Scottish Highlands.

Hydrological Processes. - 35(2021)6, Art. e14206


Jamie Lee Stevenson; Christian Birkel; Aaron J. Neill; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby

Effects of streamflow isotope sampling strategies on the calibration of a tracer-aided rainfall-runoff model.

Hydrological Processes. - 35(2021)6, Art. e14223


Lukas Kleine; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Aaron Smith; Tobias Goldhammer; Chris Soulsby

Using isotopes to understand landscapescale connectivity in a groundwaterdominated, lowland catchment under drought conditions.

Hydrological Processes. - 35(2021)5, Art. e14197


Aaron Smith; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Lukas Kleine; Marco Maneta; Chris Soulsby

Quantifying the effects of land use and model scale on water partitioning and water ages using tracer-aided ecohydrological models.

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 25(2021)4, 2239–2259


Jenna R. Snelgrove; James M. Buttle; Matthew J. Kohn; Dörthe Tetzlaff

Co-evolution of xylem water and soil water stable isotopic composition in a northern mixed forest biome.

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 25(2021)4, 2169–2186


Xiaoqiang Yang; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby; Aaron Smith; Dietrich Borchardt

Catchment functioning under prolonged drought stress: Traceraided ecohydrological modeling in an intensively managed agricultural catchment.

Water Resources Research. - 57(2021)3, e2020WR029094


Doerthe Tetzlaff; James Buttle; Sean K. Carey; Matthew J. Kohn; Hjalmar Laudon; James P. McNamara; Aaron Smith; Matthias Sprenger; Chris Soulsby

Stable isotopes of water reveal differences in plant – soil water relationships across northern environments.

Hydrological Processes. - 35(2021)1, Art. e14023


Lena-Marie Kuhlemann; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Aaron Smith; Birgit Kleinschmit; Chris Soulsby

Using soil water isotopes to infer the influence of contrasting urban green space on ecohydrological partitioning.

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 25(2021)2, 927–943




Assaad Mrad; Gabriel G. Katul; Delphis F. Levia; Andrew J. Guswa; Elizabeth W. Boyer; Michael Bruen; Darryl E. Carlyle-Moses; Rachel Coyte; Irena F. Creed; Nick van de Giesen; Domenico Grasso; David M. Hannah; Janice E. Hudson; Vincent Humphrey; Shin'ichi Iida; Robert B. Jackson; Tomo'omi Kumagai; Pilar Llorens; Beate Michalzik; Kazuki Nanko; Catherine A. Peters; John S. Selker; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Maciej Zalewski; and Bridget R. Scanlon

Peak grain forecasts for the US High Plains amid withering waters.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. - 117(2020)42, 26145-26150


Delphis F. Levia; Irena F. Creed; David M. Hannah; Kazuki Nanko; Elizabeth W. Boyer; Darryl E. Carlyle-Moses; Nick van de Giesen; Domenico Grasso; Andrew J. Guswa; Janice E. Hudson; Sean A. Hudson; Shin'ichi Iida; Robert B. Jackson; Gabriel G. Katul; Tomo'omi Kumagai; Pilar Llorens; Flavio Lopes Ribeiro; Diane E. Pataki; Catherine A. Peters; Daniel Sanchez Carretero; John S. Selker; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Maciej Zalewski and Michael Bruen

Homogenization of the terrestrial water cycle.

Nature Geoscience. - 13(2020), S. 656-658


Aaron Smith; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Lukas Kleine; Marco P. Maneta; Chris Soulsby

Isotope-aided modelling of ecohydrologic fluxes and water ages under mixed land use in Central Europe: the 2018 drought and its recovery.

Hydrological Processes. - 34(2020)16, S. 3406-3425


Kuhlemann L, Tetzlaff D, Soulsby C. (2020)

Urban water systems under climate stress: an isotopic perspective from Berlin, Germany.

Hydrological Processes, https://doi.org/10.1002/hyp.13850.


Kleine L, Tetzlaff D, Smith A, Wang H, Soulsby C. (2020)

Using isotopes to understand evaporation, moisture stress and re-wetting in catchment forest and grassland soils of the summer drought of 2018.

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS), https://doi.org/10.5194/hess-2020-81.


Smith A, Tetzlaff D, Kleine L, Maneta M, Soulsby C. (2020)

Isotope-based assessment of ecohydrologic fluxes and water ages under mixed land use in central Europe: the 2018 drought and its recovery.

Hydrological Processes, https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/hyp.13838


Kuppel S, Tetzlaff D, Maneta MP, Soulsby C. (2020)

Critical zone storage controls on the water ages of ecohydrological outputs.

Geophysical Research Letters.  DOI: 10.1029/2020GL088897.


Neill A, Tetzlaff D, Strachan NJ, Hough RL, Avery LM, Kuppel S, Maneta MP, Soulsby C. (2020)

An agent-based model that simulates the spatio-temporal dynamics of sources and transfer mechanisms contributing faecal indicator organisms to streams. Part 1: Background and model description.

Journal of Environmental Management. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jenvman.2020.110903.


Neill A, Tetzlaff D, Strachan NJ, Hough RL, Avery LM, Kuppel S, Maneta MP, Soulsby C. (2020)

An agent-based model that simulates the spatio-temporal dynamics of sources and transfer mechanisms contributing faecal indicator organisms to streams. Part 2: Application to a small agricultural catchment.

Journal of Environmental Management. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jenvman.2020.110905.


Piovano TI, Tetzlaff D, Maneta M, Buttle JM, Carey SK, Laudon H, McNamara JP, Soulsby C. (2020)

Contrasting storage-flux-age interactions revealed by catchment inter-comparison using a tracer-aided runoff model.

Journal of Hydrology. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhydrol.2020.125226.


Birkel C, Correa-Barahona A, Martinez-Martinez M, Granados-Bolaños S, Venegas-Cordero N, Gutiérrez-García K, Blanco-Ramírez S, Quesada-Mora R, Solano-Rivera V, Mussio-Mora J, Chavarría-Palma A, Vargas-Arias K, Moore GW, Durán-Quesada AM, Vasquez-Morera J, Soulsby C, Tetzlaff D, Espinoza-Cisneros E, Sánchez-Murillo R (2020)

Headwaters drive streamflow and lowland tracer export in a large-scale humid tropical catchment.

Hydrological Processes, https://doi.org/10.1002/hyp.13841.


Andrew J. Guswa; Doerthe Tetzlaff; John S. Selker; Darryl E. Carlyle-Moses; Elizabeth W. Boyer; Michael Bruen; Carles Cayuela; Irena F. Creed; Nick van de Giesen; Domenico Grasso; David M. Hannah; Janice E. Hudson; Sean A. Hudson; Shin'ichi Iida; Robert B. Jackson; Gabriel G. Katul; Tomo'omi Kumagai; Pilar Llorens; Flavio Lopes Ribeiro; Beate Michalzik; Kazuki Nanko; Christopher Oster; Diane E. Pataki; Catherine A. Peters; Andrea Rinaldo; Daniel Sanchez Carretero; Branimir Trifunovic; Maciej Zalewski; Marja Haagsma; Delphis F. Levia

Advancing ecohydrology in the 21st century: a convergence of opportunities

Ecohydrology. - 13(2020)4, e2208


Aaron A. Smith; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby

Using storage selection functions to assess mixing patterns and water ages of soil water, evaporation and transpiration

Advances in Water Resources. - 141(2020), 103586


Hailong Wang; Huade Guan; Na Liu; Chris Soulsby; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Xinping Zhang

Improving the Jarvis-type model with modified temperature and radiation functions for sap flow simulations

Journal of Hydrology. - 587(2020), 124981


Aaron Smith; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Jörg Gelbrecht; Lukas Kleine; Chris Soulsby

Riparian wetland rehabilitation and beaver re-colonization impacts on hydrological processes and water quality in a lowland agricultural catchment

Science of the Total Environment. - 699(2020)134302


Malte Posselt; Jonas Mechelke; Cyrus Rutere; Claudia Coll; Anna Jaeger; Muhammad Raza; Karin Meinikmann; Stefan Krause; Anna Sobek; Jörg Lewandowski; Marcus A. Horn; Juliane Hollender; Jonathan P. Benskin

Bacterial diversity controls transformation of wastewater-derived organic contaminants in river-simulating flumes

Environmental Science and Technology. - 54(2020)9, S. 5467-5479


Jörg Lewandowski; Karin Meinikmann; Stefan Krause

Groundwater-surface water interactions: recent advances and interdisciplinary challenges

Water. - 12(2020)1, 296


Jenna R. Snelgrove; J. M. Buttle; D. Tetzlaff

Importance of rainfall partitioning in a northern mixed forest canopy for soil water isotopic signatures in ecohydrological studies

Hydrological Processes. - 34(2020)2, S. 284-302


James Knighton; Sylvain Kuppel; Aaron Smith; Chris Soulsby; Matthias Sprenger; Doerthe Tetzlaff

Using isotopes to incorporate tree water storage and mixing dynamics into a distributed ecohydrologic modelling framework

Ecohydrology. - 13(2020)3, e2201


Liwen Wu; Jesus D. Gomez-Velez; Stefan Krause; Tanu Singh; Anders Wörman; Jörg Lewandowski

Impact of flow alteration and temperature variability on hyporheic exchange

Water Resources Research. - 56(2020)3, e2019WR026225


Philipp Wolke; Yoni Teitelbau; Chao Deng; Jörg Lewandowski; Shai Arnon

Impact of bed form celerity on oxygen dynamics in the hyporheic zone

Water. - 12(2020)1, 62


Sophie Comer-Warner; Julia L. A. Knapp; Phillip Blaen; Megan Klaar; Felicity Shelley; Jay Zarnetske; Joseph Lee-Cullin; Silvia Folegot; Marie Kurz; Jörg Lewandowski; Judson Harvey; Adam Ward; Clara Mendoza-Lera; Sami Ullah; Thibault Datry; Nicholas Kettridge; Daren Gooddy; Jennifer Drummond; Eugènia Martì; Alexander Milner; David Hannah; Stefan Krause

The method controls the story: sampling method impacts on the detection of pore-water nitrogen concentrations in streambeds

Science of the Total Environment. - 709(2020)136075




Aaron Smith; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Hjalmar Laudon; Marco Maneta; Chris Soulsby

Assessing the influence of soil freeze-thaw cycles on catchment water storage-flux-age interactions using a tracer-aided ecohydrological model

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 23(2019)8, S. 3319-3334


Ricardo Sánchez-Murillo; Ana M. Durán-Quesada; Germain Esquivel-Hernández; Daniela Rojas-Cantillano; Christian Birkel; Kristen Welsh; Minerva Sánchez-Llull; Carlos M. Alonso-Hernández; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby; Jan Boll; Naoyuki Kurita; Kim M. Cobb

Deciphering key processes controlling rainfall isotopic variability during extreme tropical cyclones

Nature Communications. - 10(2019)art. 4321


Audrey Douinot; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Marco Maneta; Sylvain Kuppel; Hubert Schulte-Bisping; Chris Soulsby

Ecohydrological modelling with EcH2O-iso to quantify forest and grassland effects on water partioning and flux ages

Hydrological Processes. - 33(2019)16, S. 2174-2191


Thea I. Piovano; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Sean K. Carey; Nadine J. Shatilla; Aaron Smith; Chris Soulsby

Spatially distributed tracer-aided runoff modelling and dynamics of storage and water ages in a permafrost-influenced catchment

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 23(2019)6, S. 2507-2523


B. Scheliga; D. Tetzlaff; G. Nuetzmann; C. Soulsby

Assessing runoff generation in riparian wetlands: monitoring groundwater-surface water dynamics at the micro-catchment scale

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. - 191(2019)art. 116


Aaron J. Neill; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Norval J. C. Strachan; Chris Soulsby

To what extent does hydrological connectivity control dynamics of faecal indicator organisms in streams? Initial hypothesis testing using a tracer-aided model

Journal of Hydrology. - 570(2019), S. 423-435


Hailong Wang; Doerthe Tetzlaff; James Buttle; Sean K. Carey; Hjalmar Laudon; James P. McNamara; Christopher Spence; Chris Soulsby

Climate-phenology-hydrology interactions in northern high latitudes: assessing the value of remote sensing data in catchment ecohydrological studies

Science of the Total Environment. - 656(2019), S. 19-28


Hailong Wang; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby

Hysteretic response of sap flow in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) to meteorological forcing in a humid low-energy headwater catchment

Ecohydrology. - 12(2019)6, e2125       


Jörg Lewandowski; Shai Arnon; Eddie Banks; Okke Batelaan; Andrea Betterle; Tabea Broecker; Claudia Coll ... Jaime Gaona Garcia; Jason Galloway ... Anja Höhne; Juliane Hollender; Marcus A. Horn; Anna Jaeger; Stefan Krause; Adrian Löchner Prats ... Karin Meinikmann; Brian Babak Mojarrad; Birgit Maria Mueller ... Jonas L. Schaper; Mario Schirmer; Hanna Schulz ... Philipp Wolke; Anders Wörman; Liwen Wu

Is the hyporheic zone relevant beyond the scientific community?

Water. - 11(2019)11, 2230


Hongkai Gao; Christian Birkel; Markus Hrachowitz; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby; Hubert H. G. Savenije

A simple topography-driven and calibration-free runoff generation module

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 23(2019)2, S. 787-809


Chris Soulsby; J. C. Comte; J. Geris; C. N. Gibbins; D. Tetzlaff

Hydrology at Aberdeen - thinking about water locally and globally

Scottish Geographical Journal. - 135(2019)3-4, S. 267-286


Tabea Broecker; Katharina Teuber; Vahid Sobhi Golli; Gunnar Nützmann; Jörg Lewandowski; Reinhard Hinkelmann

Integral flow modelling approach for surface water-groundwater interactions along a rippled streambed

Water. - 11(2019)7, 1517


Christa Kelleher; Adam Ward; J. L. A. Knapp; P. J. Blaen; M. J. Kurz; J. D. Drummond; J. P. Zarnetske; D. M. Hannah; C. Mendoza-Lera; N. M. Schmadel; T. Datry; J. Lewandowski; A. M. Milner; S. Krause

Exploring tracer information and model framework trade-offs to improve estimation of stream transient storage processes

Water Resources Research. - 55(2019)4, S. 3481-3501


Jonas L. Schaper; Malte Posselt; Camille Bouchez; Anna Jaeger; Gunnar Nuetzmann; Anke Putschew; Gabriel Singer; Joerg Lewandowski

Fate of trace organic compounds in the hyporheic zone: influence of retardation, the benthic biolayer, and organic carbon

Environmental Science and Technology. - 53(2019)8, S. 4224-4234


Anna Jaeger; Malte Posselt; Andrea Betterle; Jonas Schaper; Jonas Mechelke; Claudia Coll; Joerg Lewandowski

Spatial and temporal variability in attenuation of polar organic micropollutants in an urban lowland stream

Environmental Science and Technology. - 53(2019)5, S. 2383-2395


Tanu Singh; Liwen Wu; Jesus D. Gomez-Velez; Jörg Lewandowski; David M. Hannah; Stefan Krause

Dynamic hyporheic zones: exploring the role of peak flow events on bedform-induced hyporheic exchange

Water Resources Research. - 55(2019)1, S. 218-235


Michael Hupfer; Sylvia Jordan; Christiane Herzog; Christian Ebeling; Robert Ladwig; Matthias Rothe; Jörg Lewandowski

Chironomid larvae enhance phosphorus burial in lake sediments: insights from long-term and short-term experiments

Science of the Total Environment. - 663(2019), S. 254-264


Katharina Teuber; Tabea Broecker; Thomas Ruby Bentzen; Dietmar Stephan; Gunnar Nützmann; Reinhard Hinkelmann

Using computational fluid dynamics to describe H2S mass transfer across the water-air interface in sewers

Water Science and Technology. - 79(2019)10, S. 1934-1946





Doerthe Tetzlaff; Thea Piovano ; Pertti Ala-Aho ; Aaron Smith ; Sean K. Carey ; Philip Marsh ; Philip A. Wookey ; Lorna E. Street ; Chris Soulsby

Using stable isotopes to estimate travel times in a data-sparse Arctic catchment: challenges and possible solutions

Hydrological Processes. - 32(2018)12, S. 1936-1952


Matthias Sprenger; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Jim Buttle; Hjalmar Laudon; Hannes Leistert; Carl P. J. Mitchell; Jenna Snelgrove; Markus Weiler; Chris Soulsby

Measuring and modeling stable isotopes of mobile and bulk soil water

Vadose Zone Jornal. - 17(2018)170149


Thea I. Piovano; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Pertti Ala-aho; Jim Buttle; Carl P. J. Mitchell; Chris Soulsby

Testing a spatially distributed tracer-aided runoff model in a snow-influenced catchment: effects of multicriteria calibration on streamwater ages

Hydrological Processes. - 32(2018)20, S. 3089-3107


A. A. Smith; D. Tetzlaff; C. Soulsby

On the use of StorAge selection functions to assess time-variant travel times in lakes

Water Resources Research. - 54(2018)7, S. 5163-5185


C. Tunaley; D. Tetzlaff; H. Wang; C. Soulsby

Spatio-temporal diel DOC cycles in a wet, low energy, northern catchment: highlighting and questioning the sub-daily rhythms of catchment functioning

Journal of Hydrology. - 563(2018), S. 962-974


B. Scheliga; D. Tetzlaff; G. Nuetzmann; C. Soulsby

Groundwater dynamics at the hillslope-riparian interface in a year with extreme winter rainfall

Journal of Hydrology. - 564(2018), S. 509-528


Matthias Sprenger; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Jim Buttle; Sean K. Carey; James P. McNamara; Hjalmar Laudon; Nadine J. Shatilla; Chris Soulsby

Storage, mixing, and fluxes of water in the critical zone across northern environments inferred by stable isotopes of soil water

Hydrological Processes. - 32(2018)12, S. 1720-1737


Sylvain Kuppel; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Marco P. Maneta; Chris Soulsby

EcH2O-iso 1.0: water isotopes and age tracking in a process-based, distributed ecohydrological model

Geoscientific Model Development. - 11(2018), S. 3045-3069


Matthias Sprenger; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Jim Buttle; Hjalmar Laudon; Chris Soulsby

Water ages in the critical zone of long-term experimental sites in northern latitudes

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 22(2018)7, S. 3965-3981


Jonathan Dick; Doerthe Tetzlaff; John Bradford; Chris Soulsby

Using repeat electrical resistivity surveys to assess heterogeneity in soil moisture dynamics under contrasting vegetation types

Journal of Hydrology. - 559(2018), S. 684-697


Hailong Wang; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby

Modelling the effects of land cover and climate change on soil water partitioning in a boreal headwater catchment

Journal of Hydrology. - 558(2018), S. 520-531


Sylvain Kuppel; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Marco P. Maneta; Chris Soulsby

What can we learn from multi-data calibration of a process-based ecohydrological model?

Environmental Modelling & Software. - 101(2018), S. 301-316


Aaron James Neill; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Norval James Colin Strachan; Rupert Lloyd Hough; Lisa Marie Avery; Helen Watson; Chris Soulsby

Using spatial-stream-network models and long-term data to understand and predict dynamics of faecal contamination in a mixed land-use catchment

Science of the Total Environment. - 612(2018), S. 840-852


Jonathan J. Dick; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby

Role of riparian wetlands and hydrological connectivity in the dynamics of stream thermal regimes

Hydrology Research. - 49(2018)3, S. 634-647


Jaime Gaona; Jörg Lewandowski; Alberto Bellin

Fiber optics distributed temperature sensing for spatio-temporal analysis of thermal footprints of groundwater-stream water exchange

New challenges in hydraulic research and engineering : 5th IAHR Europe Congress ; extended abstracts. - Trento, 2018. - 2 S.


P. Ala-Aho; C. Soulsby; O. S. Pokrovsky; S. N. Kirpotin; J. Karlsson; S. Serikova; S. N. Vorobyev; R. M. Manasypov; S. Loiko; D. Tetzlaff

Using stable isotopes to assess surface water source dynamics and hydrological connectivity in a high-latitude wetland and permafrost influenced landscape

Journal of Hydrology. - 556(2018), S. 279-293


J. F. Dean; Y. van der Velde; M. H. Garnett; K. J. Dinsmore; R. Baxter; J. S. Lessels; P. Smith; L. E. Street; J.-A. Subke; D. Tetzlaff; I. Washbourne; P. A. Wookey; M. F. Billett

Abundant pre-industrial carbon detected in Canadian Arctic headwaters: implications for the permafrost carbon feedback

Environmental Research Letters. - 13(2018)3, art. 034024


Christian Birkel; Rachel Helliwell; Barry Thornton; Sheila Gibbs; Pat Cooper; Chris Soulsby; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Luigi Spezia; Germain Esquivel-Hernandez; Ricardo Sanchez-Murillo; Andrew J. Midwood

Characterization of surface water isotope spatial patterns of Scotland

Journal of Geochemical Exploration. - 194(2018), S. 71-80


P. Ala-Aho; C. Soulsby; O. S. Pokrovsky; S. N. Kirpotin; J. Karlsson; S. Serikova; R. Manasypov; A. Lim; I. Krickov; L. G. Kolesnichenko; H. Laudon; D. Tetzlaff

Permafrost and lakes control river isotope composition across a boreal Arctic transect in the Western Siberian lowlands

Environmental Research Letters. - 13(2018)3, art. 034028


S. Serikova; O. S. Pokrovsky; P. Ala-Aho; V. Kazantsev; S. N. Kirpotin; S. G. Kopysov; I. V. Krickov; H. Laudon; R. M. Manasypov; L. S. Shirokova; C. Soulsby; D. Tetzlaff; K. Karlsson

High riverine CO2 emissions at the permafrost boundary of Western Siberia

Nature Geoscience. - 11(2018)11, S. 825-829


Marco P. Maneta; Chris Soulsby; Sylvain Kuppel; Doerthe Tetzlaff

Conceptualizing catchment storage dynamics and nonlinearities

Hydrological Processes. - 32(2018)21, S. 3299-3303


Joni Dehaspe; Christian Birkel; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Ricardo Sanchez-Murillo; Ana Maria Duran-Quesada; Chris Soulsby

Spatially distributed tracer-aided modelling to explore water and isotope transport, storage and mixing in a pristine, humid tropical catchment

Hydrological Processes. - 32(2018)21, S. 3206-322


Liwen Wu; Tanu Singh; Jesus Gomez-Velez; Gunnar Nützmann; Anders Wörman; Stefan Krause; Jörg Lewandowski

Impact of dynamically changing discharge on hyporheic exchange processes under gaining and losing groundwater conditions

Water Resources Research. - 54(2018)12, S. 10076-10093


Ignacio Peralta-Maraver; Jason Galloway; Malte Posselt; Shai Arnon; Julia Reiss; Jörg Lewandowski; Anne L. Robertson

Environmental filtering and community delineation in the streambed ecotone

Scientific Reports. - 8(2018)art. 15871


P. J. Blaen; M. J. Kurz; J. D. Drummond; J. L. A. Knapp; C. Mendoza-Lera; N. M. Schmadel; M. J. Klaar; A. Jäger; S. Folegot; J. Lee-Cullin; A. S. Ward; J. P. Zarnetske; T. Datry; A. M. Milner; J. Lewandowski; D. M. Hannah; S. Krause

Woody debris is related to reach-scale hotspots of lowland stream ecosystem respiration under baseflow conditions

Ecohydrology. - 11(2018)5, e1952


Amaya I. Marruedo Arricibita; Stephen J. Dugdale; Stefan Krause; David M. Hannah; Jörg Lewandowski

Thermal infrared imaging for the detection of relatively warm lacustrine groundwater discharge at the surface of freshwater bodies

Journal of Hydrology. - 562(2018), S. 281-289


Jonas L. Schaper; Malte Posselt; James L. McCallum; Eddie W. Banks; Anja Hoehne; Karin Meinikmann; Margaret A. Shanafield; Okke Batelaan; Joerg Lewandowski

Hyporheic exchange controls fate of trace organic compounds in an urban stream

Environmental Science and Technology. - 52(2018)21, S. 12285-12294


Karin Meinikmann; Michael Hupfer; Gunnar Nützmann; Jörg Lewandowski

Grundwasser als Quelle für die Phosphor-Belastung des Arendsees: Stellungnahme zur Publikation von Hannappel, Köpp & Rejman-Rasisnska

Hydrologie und Wasserbewirtschaftung. - 62(2018)4, S. 290-292


Jonas L. Schaper; Wiebke Seher; Gunnar Nützmann; Anke Putschew; Martin Jekel; Jörg Lewandowski

The fate of polar trace organic compounds in the hyporheic zone

Water Research. - 140(2018), S. 158-166


Eddie W. Banks; Margaret A. Shanafield; Saskia Noorduijn; James McCallum; Jörg Lewandowski; Okke Batelaan

Active heat pulse sensing of 3-D-flow fields in streambeds

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 22(2018)3, S. 1917-1929


Franziska Pöschke; Gunnar Nützmann; Peter Engesgaard; Jörg Lewandowski

How does the groundwater influence the water balance of a lowland lake?: A field study from Lake Stechlin, north-eastern Germany

Limnologica. - 68(2018), S. 17-25


Amaya Irene Marruedo Arricibita; Stefan Krause; Jesus Gomez-Velez; David M. Hannah; Jörg Lewandowski

Mesocosm experiments identifying hotspots of groundwater upwelling in a water colum by fibre optic distributed temperature sensing

Hydrological Processes. - 32(2018)2, S. 185-199


Mikael Gillefalk; Gudrun Massmann; Gunnar Nützmann; Sabine Hilt

Potential impacts of induced bank filtration on surface water quality: a conceptual framework for future research

Water. - 10(2018)9, 1240

Michael Hupfer; Peter Engesgaard; Henning Jensen; Stefan Krause; Gunnar Nützmann

Aquatic interfaces and linkages: an emerging topic of interdisciplinary research

Limnologica. - 68(2018), S. 1-4

Tabea Broecker; Waldemar Elsesser; Katharina Teuber; Ilhan Özgen; Gunnar Nützmann; Reinhard Hinkelmann

High-resolution simulation of free-surface flow and tracer retention over streambeds with ripples

Limnologica. - 68(2018), S. 46-58




Hailong Wang; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby

Testing the maximum entropy production approach for estimating evapotranspiration from closed canopy shrubland in a low-energy humid environment

Hydrological Processes. - 31(2017)25, S. 4613-4621


Claire Tunaley; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Christian Birkel; Chris Soulsby

Using high-resolution isotope data and alternative calibration strategies for a tracer-aided runoff model in a nested catchment

Hydrological Processes. - 31(2017)22, S. 3962-3978


Markus Venohr; Jörg Lewandowski; Werner Kloas; Hans-Peter Grossart; Mark O. Gessner; Christian Wolter; Jörn Geßner; Sven Wuertz

Schutz und Nutzung von Binnengewässern in Deutschland - Status Quo, Konflikte und politische Handlungsoptionen

IGB Policy Brief zur Bundestagswahl 2017


Jörg Lewandowski; Karin Meinikmann

Lacustrine groundwater discharge: the disregarded component of water and nutrient budgets

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Helophyte impacts on the response of hyporheic invertebrate communities to inundation events in intermittent streams

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