Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät - Ökohydrologie





Christian Marx; Dörthe Tetzlaff; Reinhard Hinkelmann; Chris Soulsby

Isotope hydrology and water sources in a heavily urbanized stream

Hydrological Processes. - 35(2021)10, Art. e14377


Aaron J. Neill; Christian Birkel; Marco P. Maneta; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby

Structural changes to forests during regeneration affect water flux partitioning, water ages and hydrological connectivity: Insights from tracer-aided ecohydrological modelling

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 25(2021)9, 4861–4886


Lukas Kleine; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Aaron Smith; Maren Dubbert; Chris Soulsby

Modelling ecohydrological feedbacks in forest and grassland plots under a prolonged drought anomaly in Central Europe 2018–2020

Hydrological Processes. - 35(2021)8, Art. e14325


Mikael Gillefalk; Dörthe Tetzlaff; Reinhard Hinkelmann; Lena-Marie Kuhlemann; Aaron Smith; Fred Meier; Marco P. Maneta; Chris Soulsby

Quantifying the effects of urban green space on water partitioning and ages using an isotope-based ecohydrological model

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 25(2021)6, 3635–3652


Doerthe Tetzlaff; Elizabeth Boyer; Tanya Doody; Anne Jefferson; Annalisa Molini

Women advancing research on hydrological processes: Preface

Hydrological Processes. - 35(2021)7, Art. e14267


Chris Soulsby; Bernhard Scheliga; Aaron Neill; Jean-Christophe Comte; Doerthe Tetzlaff

A longer-term perspective on soil moisture, groundwater and stream flow response to the 2018 drought in an experimental catchment in the Scottish Highlands.

Hydrological Processes. - 35(2021)6, Art. e14206


Jamie Lee Stevenson; Christian Birkel; Aaron J. Neill; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby

Effects of streamflow isotope sampling strategies on the calibration of a tracer-aided rainfall-runoff model.

Hydrological Processes. - 35(2021)6, Art. e14223


Lukas Kleine; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Aaron Smith; Tobias Goldhammer; Chris Soulsby

Using isotopes to understand landscapescale connectivity in a groundwaterdominated, lowland catchment under drought conditions.

Hydrological Processes. - 35(2021)5, Art. e14197


Aaron Smith; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Lukas Kleine; Marco Maneta; Chris Soulsby

Quantifying the effects of land use and model scale on water partitioning and water ages using tracer-aided ecohydrological models.

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 25(2021)4, 2239–2259


Jenna R. Snelgrove; James M. Buttle; Matthew J. Kohn; Dörthe Tetzlaff

Co-evolution of xylem water and soil water stable isotopic composition in a northern mixed forest biome.

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 25(2021)4, 2169–2186


Xiaoqiang Yang; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby; Aaron Smith; Dietrich Borchardt

Catchment functioning under prolonged drought stress: Traceraided ecohydrological modeling in an intensively managed agricultural catchment.

Water Resources Research. - 57(2021)3, e2020WR029094


Doerthe Tetzlaff; James Buttle; Sean K. Carey; Matthew J. Kohn; Hjalmar Laudon; James P. McNamara; Aaron Smith; Matthias Sprenger; Chris Soulsby

Stable isotopes of water reveal differences in plant – soil water relationships across northern environments.

Hydrological Processes. - 35(2021)1, Art. e14023


Lena-Marie Kuhlemann; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Aaron Smith; Birgit Kleinschmit; Chris Soulsby

Using soil water isotopes to infer the influence of contrasting urban green space on ecohydrological partitioning.

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 25(2021)2, 927–943


Anja Höhne; Jörg Lewandowski; Jonas L. Schaper; James L. McCallum

Determining hyporheic removal rates of trace organic compounds using non-parametric conservative transport with multiple sorption models.

Water Research. - 206(2021), Art. 117750


Tabea Broecker; Vahid Sobhi Gollo; Aryeh Fox; Jörg Lewandowski; Gunnar Nützmann; Shai Arnon; Reinhard Hinkelmann

High-Resolution Integrated Transport Model for Studying Surface Water–Groundwater Interaction

Groundwater. - 59(2021)4, 488-502


Anna Jaeger; Malte Posselt; Jonas L. Schaper; Andrea Betterle; Cyrus Rutere; Claudia Coll; Jonas Mechelke; Muhammad Raza; Karin Meinikmann; Andrea Portmann; Phillip J. Blaen; Marcus A. Horn; Stefan Krause; Jörg Lewandowski

Transformation of organic micropollutants along hyporheic flow in bedforms of river-simulating flumes

Scientific Reports. - 11(2021), Art. 13034


Philipp Wolke; Yoni Teitelbaum; Chao Deng; Jörg Lewandowski; Shai Arnon

Einfluss der Migrationsgeschwindigkeit von Gewässerbettformen auf die Sauerstoffdynamik in der hyporheischen Zone

KW Korrespondenz Wasserwirtschaft. - 14(2021)5, 288-294


Liwen Wu; Jesus D. Gomez-Velez; Stefan Krause; Anders Wörman; Tanu Singh; Gunnar Nützmann; Jörg Lewandowski

How daily groundwater table drawdown affects the diel rhythm of hyporheic exchange

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 25(2021)4, 1905–1921


Birgit M. Mueller; Hanna Schulz; Robert E. Danczak; Anke Putschew; Joerg Lewandowski

Simultaneous attenuation of trace organics and change in organic matter composition in the hyporheic zone of urban streams

Scientific Reports. - 11(2021), Art. 4179


Stella Berger, Mark Gessner, Tobias Goldhammer, Thomas Gonsiorczyk, Hans-Peter Grossart, Sabine Hilt, Michael Hupfer, Andreas Hussner, Jörg Lewandowski, Thomas Mehner, Jens Nejstgaard, Sabine Wollrab

Die ökologische Verschlechterung des Stechlinsees – Wissensstand und Handlungsoptionen


Anja Höhne; Karl Mellerowicz; Oliver Lischtschenko; Jörg Lewandowski

A novel device for in situ point measurements of fluorescent tracers in sediment pore water

Advances in water resources. - 148(2021), Art. 103827


Stefan Krause; Viktor Baranov; Holly A. Nel; Jennifer D. Drummond; Anna Kukkola; Timothy Hoellein; Gregory H. Sambrook Smith; Joerg Lewandowski; Berta Bonneta; Aaron I. Packman; Jon Sadler; Valentyna Inshyna; Steve Allen; Deonie Allen; Laurent Simon; Florian Mermillod-Blondin; Iseult Lyncha

Gathering at the top? Environmental controls of microplastic uptake and biomagnification in freshwater food webs

Environmental Pollution. - 268, Part A(2021), Art. 115750




Assaad Mrad; Gabriel G. Katul; Delphis F. Levia; Andrew J. Guswa; Elizabeth W. Boyer; Michael Bruen; Darryl E. Carlyle-Moses; Rachel Coyte; Irena F. Creed; Nick van de Giesen; Domenico Grasso; David M. Hannah; Janice E. Hudson; Vincent Humphrey; Shin'ichi Iida; Robert B. Jackson; Tomo'omi Kumagai; Pilar Llorens; Beate Michalzik; Kazuki Nanko; Catherine A. Peters; John S. Selker; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Maciej Zalewski; and Bridget R. Scanlon

Peak grain forecasts for the US High Plains amid withering waters.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. - 117(2020)42, 26145-26150


Delphis F. Levia; Irena F. Creed; David M. Hannah; Kazuki Nanko; Elizabeth W. Boyer; Darryl E. Carlyle-Moses; Nick van de Giesen; Domenico Grasso; Andrew J. Guswa; Janice E. Hudson; Sean A. Hudson; Shin'ichi Iida; Robert B. Jackson; Gabriel G. Katul; Tomo'omi Kumagai; Pilar Llorens; Flavio Lopes Ribeiro; Diane E. Pataki; Catherine A. Peters; Daniel Sanchez Carretero; John S. Selker; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Maciej Zalewski and Michael Bruen

Homogenization of the terrestrial water cycle.

Nature Geoscience. - 13(2020), S. 656-658


Aaron Smith; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Lukas Kleine; Marco P. Maneta; Chris Soulsby

Isotope-aided modelling of ecohydrologic fluxes and water ages under mixed land use in Central Europe: the 2018 drought and its recovery.

Hydrological Processes. - 34(2020)16, S. 3406-3425


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Urban water systems under climate stress: an isotopic perspective from Berlin, Germany.

Hydrological Processes,


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Using isotopes to understand evaporation, moisture stress and re-wetting in catchment forest and grassland soils of the summer drought of 2018.

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS),


Smith A, Tetzlaff D, Kleine L, Maneta M, Soulsby C. (2020)

Isotope-based assessment of ecohydrologic fluxes and water ages under mixed land use in central Europe: the 2018 drought and its recovery.

Hydrological Processes,


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Critical zone storage controls on the water ages of ecohydrological outputs.

Geophysical Research Letters.  DOI: 10.1029/2020GL088897.


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An agent-based model that simulates the spatio-temporal dynamics of sources and transfer mechanisms contributing faecal indicator organisms to streams. Part 1: Background and model description.

Journal of Environmental Management.


Neill A, Tetzlaff D, Strachan NJ, Hough RL, Avery LM, Kuppel S, Maneta MP, Soulsby C. (2020)

An agent-based model that simulates the spatio-temporal dynamics of sources and transfer mechanisms contributing faecal indicator organisms to streams. Part 2: Application to a small agricultural catchment.

Journal of Environmental Management.


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Contrasting storage-flux-age interactions revealed by catchment inter-comparison using a tracer-aided runoff model.

Journal of Hydrology.


Birkel C, Correa-Barahona A, Martinez-Martinez M, Granados-Bolaños S, Venegas-Cordero N, Gutiérrez-García K, Blanco-Ramírez S, Quesada-Mora R, Solano-Rivera V, Mussio-Mora J, Chavarría-Palma A, Vargas-Arias K, Moore GW, Durán-Quesada AM, Vasquez-Morera J, Soulsby C, Tetzlaff D, Espinoza-Cisneros E, Sánchez-Murillo R (2020)

Headwaters drive streamflow and lowland tracer export in a large-scale humid tropical catchment.

Hydrological Processes,


Andrew J. Guswa; Doerthe Tetzlaff; John S. Selker; Darryl E. Carlyle-Moses; Elizabeth W. Boyer; Michael Bruen; Carles Cayuela; Irena F. Creed; Nick van de Giesen; Domenico Grasso; David M. Hannah; Janice E. Hudson; Sean A. Hudson; Shin'ichi Iida; Robert B. Jackson; Gabriel G. Katul; Tomo'omi Kumagai; Pilar Llorens; Flavio Lopes Ribeiro; Beate Michalzik; Kazuki Nanko; Christopher Oster; Diane E. Pataki; Catherine A. Peters; Andrea Rinaldo; Daniel Sanchez Carretero; Branimir Trifunovic; Maciej Zalewski; Marja Haagsma; Delphis F. Levia

Advancing ecohydrology in the 21st century: a convergence of opportunities

Ecohydrology. - 13(2020)4, e2208


Aaron A. Smith; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby

Using storage selection functions to assess mixing patterns and water ages of soil water, evaporation and transpiration

Advances in Water Resources. - 141(2020), 103586


Hailong Wang; Huade Guan; Na Liu; Chris Soulsby; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Xinping Zhang

Improving the Jarvis-type model with modified temperature and radiation functions for sap flow simulations

Journal of Hydrology. - 587(2020), 124981


Aaron Smith; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Jörg Gelbrecht; Lukas Kleine; Chris Soulsby

Riparian wetland rehabilitation and beaver re-colonization impacts on hydrological processes and water quality in a lowland agricultural catchment

Science of the Total Environment. - 699(2020)134302


Jonas L. Schaper; Anke Putschew; Gunnar Nuetzmann; Martin Jekel and Jörg Lewandowski

Removal and transformation of trace organic compounds in hypoheic reactor of urban freshwater systems

Ergebnisse der Jahrestagung 2019 der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Limnologie (DGL) und der deutschen und österreichischen Sektion der Societas Internationalis Limnologiae (SIL): Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU), Münster, 23.-27. September 2019. - Essen, 2020. - S. 42-48


James L. McCallum; Anja Höhne; Jonas L. Schaper; Margaret Shanafield; Edward W. Banks; Malte Posselt; Okke Batelaan and Jörg Lewandowski

A Numerical Stream Transport Modeling Approach Including Multiple Conceptualizations of Hyporheic Exchange and Spatial Variability to Assess Contaminant Removal

Water Resources Research. - 56(2020)3, e2019WR024987


Alyssa J. Serlet; Gregorio A. López Moreira M.; Guido Zolezzi; Geraldene Wharton; Franz Hölker; Angela M. Gurnell; Klement Tockner; Walter Bertoldi; Maria Cristina Bruno; Sonja C. Jähnig; Jörg Lewandowski; Michael T. Monaghan; Matthias C. Rillig; Marina Rogato; Marco Toffolon; Stavros D. Veresoglou; Christiane Zarfl

SMART Research: Toward Interdisciplinary River Science in Europe

Frontiers in Environmental Science. - 8(2020)art. 63


Malte Posselt; Jonas Mechelke; Cyrus Rutere; Claudia Coll; Anna Jaeger; Muhammad Raza; Karin Meinikmann; Stefan Krause; Anna Sobek; Jörg Lewandowski; Marcus A. Horn; Juliane Hollender; Jonathan P. Benskin

Bacterial diversity controls transformation of wastewater-derived organic contaminants in river-simulating flumes

Environmental Science and Technology. - 54(2020)9, S. 5467-5479


Jörg Lewandowski; Karin Meinikmann; Stefan Krause

Groundwater-surface water interactions: recent advances and interdisciplinary challenges

Water. - 12(2020)1, 296


Jenna R. Snelgrove; J. M. Buttle; D. Tetzlaff

Importance of rainfall partitioning in a northern mixed forest canopy for soil water isotopic signatures in ecohydrological studies

Hydrological Processes. - 34(2020)2, S. 284-302


James Knighton; Sylvain Kuppel; Aaron Smith; Chris Soulsby; Matthias Sprenger; Doerthe Tetzlaff

Using isotopes to incorporate tree water storage and mixing dynamics into a distributed ecohydrologic modelling framework

Ecohydrology. - 13(2020)3, e2201


Liwen Wu; Jesus D. Gomez-Velez; Stefan Krause; Tanu Singh; Anders Wörman; Jörg Lewandowski

Impact of flow alteration and temperature variability on hyporheic exchange

Water Resources Research. - 56(2020)3, e2019WR026225


Philipp Wolke; Yoni Teitelbau; Chao Deng; Jörg Lewandowski; Shai Arnon

Impact of bed form celerity on oxygen dynamics in the hyporheic zone

Water. - 12(2020)1, 62


Sophie Comer-Warner; Julia L. A. Knapp; Phillip Blaen; Megan Klaar; Felicity Shelley; Jay Zarnetske; Joseph Lee-Cullin; Silvia Folegot; Marie Kurz; Jörg Lewandowski; Judson Harvey; Adam Ward; Clara Mendoza-Lera; Sami Ullah; Thibault Datry; Nicholas Kettridge; Daren Gooddy; Jennifer Drummond; Eugènia Martì; Alexander Milner; David Hannah; Stefan Krause

The method controls the story: sampling method impacts on the detection of pore-water nitrogen concentrations in streambeds

Science of the Total Environment. - 709(2020)136075




Aaron Smith; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Hjalmar Laudon; Marco Maneta; Chris Soulsby

Assessing the influence of soil freeze-thaw cycles on catchment water storage-flux-age interactions using a tracer-aided ecohydrological model

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 23(2019)8, S. 3319-3334


Ricardo Sánchez-Murillo; Ana M. Durán-Quesada; Germain Esquivel-Hernández; Daniela Rojas-Cantillano; Christian Birkel; Kristen Welsh; Minerva Sánchez-Llull; Carlos M. Alonso-Hernández; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby; Jan Boll; Naoyuki Kurita; Kim M. Cobb

Deciphering key processes controlling rainfall isotopic variability during extreme tropical cyclones

Nature Communications. - 10(2019)art. 4321


Audrey Douinot; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Marco Maneta; Sylvain Kuppel; Hubert Schulte-Bisping; Chris Soulsby

Ecohydrological modelling with EcH2O-iso to quantify forest and grassland effects on water partioning and flux ages

Hydrological Processes. - 33(2019)16, S. 2174-2191


Thea I. Piovano; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Sean K. Carey; Nadine J. Shatilla; Aaron Smith; Chris Soulsby

Spatially distributed tracer-aided runoff modelling and dynamics of storage and water ages in a permafrost-influenced catchment

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 23(2019)6, S. 2507-2523


Scheliga B.; D. Tetzlaff; G. Nuetzmann; C. Soulsby

Assessing runoff generation in riparian wetlands: monitoring groundwater-surface water dynamics at the micro-catchment scale

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. - 191(2019)art. 116


Aaron J. Neill; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Norval J. C. Strachan; Chris Soulsby

To what extent does hydrological connectivity control dynamics of faecal indicator organisms in streams? Initial hypothesis testing using a tracer-aided model

Journal of Hydrology. - 570(2019), S. 423-435


Hailong Wang; Doerthe Tetzlaff; James Buttle; Sean K. Carey; Hjalmar Laudon; James P. McNamara; Christopher Spence; Chris Soulsby

Climate-phenology-hydrology interactions in northern high latitudes: assessing the value of remote sensing data in catchment ecohydrological studies

Science of the Total Environment. - 656(2019), S. 19-28


Hailong Wang; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby

Hysteretic response of sap flow in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) to meteorological forcing in a humid low-energy headwater catchment

Ecohydrology. - 12(2019)6, e2125       


Jörg Lewandowski; Shai Arnon; Eddie Banks; Okke Batelaan; Andrea Betterle; Tabea Broecker; Claudia Coll ... Jaime Gaona Garcia; Jason Galloway ... Anja Höhne; Juliane Hollender; Marcus A. Horn; Anna Jaeger; Stefan Krause; Adrian Löchner Prats ... Karin Meinikmann; Brian Babak Mojarrad; Birgit Maria Mueller ... Jonas L. Schaper; Mario Schirmer; Hanna Schulz ... Philipp Wolke; Anders Wörman; Liwen Wu

Is the hyporheic zone relevant beyond the scientific community?

Water. - 11(2019)11, 2230


Hongkai Gao; Christian Birkel; Markus Hrachowitz; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby; Hubert H. G. Savenije

A simple topography-driven and calibration-free runoff generation module

Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. - 23(2019)2, S. 787-809


Chris Soulsby; J. C. Comte; J. Geris; C. N. Gibbins; D. Tetzlaff

Hydrology at Aberdeen - thinking about water locally and globally

Scottish Geographical Journal. - 135(2019)3-4, S. 267-286


Tabea Broecker; Katharina Teuber; Vahid Sobhi Golli; Gunnar Nützmann; Jörg Lewandowski; Reinhard Hinkelmann

Integral flow modelling approach for surface water-groundwater interactions along a rippled streambed

Water. - 11(2019)7, 1517


Christa Kelleher; Adam Ward; J. L. A. Knapp; P. J. Blaen; M. J. Kurz; J. D. Drummond; J. P. Zarnetske; D. M. Hannah; C. Mendoza-Lera; N. M. Schmadel; T. Datry; J. Lewandowski; A. M. Milner; S. Krause

Exploring tracer information and model framework trade-offs to improve estimation of stream transient storage processes

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Jonas L. Schaper; Malte Posselt; Camille Bouchez; Anna Jaeger; Gunnar Nuetzmann; Anke Putschew; Gabriel Singer; Joerg Lewandowski

Fate of trace organic compounds in the hyporheic zone: influence of retardation, the benthic biolayer, and organic carbon

Environmental Science and Technology. - 53(2019)8, S. 4224-4234


Anna Jaeger; Malte Posselt; Andrea Betterle; Jonas Schaper; Jonas Mechelke; Claudia Coll; Joerg Lewandowski

Spatial and temporal variability in attenuation of polar organic micropollutants in an urban lowland stream

Environmental Science and Technology. - 53(2019)5, S. 2383-2395


Tanu Singh; Liwen Wu; Jesus D. Gomez-Velez; Jörg Lewandowski; David M. Hannah; Stefan Krause

Dynamic hyporheic zones: exploring the role of peak flow events on bedform-induced hyporheic exchange

Water Resources Research. - 55(2019)1, S. 218-235


Michael Hupfer; Sylvia Jordan; Christiane Herzog; Christian Ebeling; Robert Ladwig; Matthias Rothe; Jörg Lewandowski

Chironomid larvae enhance phosphorus burial in lake sediments: insights from long-term and short-term experiments

Science of the Total Environment. - 663(2019), S. 254-264


Katharina Teuber; Tabea Broecker; Thomas Ruby Bentzen; Dietmar Stephan; Gunnar Nützmann; Reinhard Hinkelmann

Using computational fluid dynamics to describe H2S mass transfer across the water-air interface in sewers

Water Science and Technology. - 79(2019)10, S. 1934-1946




Doerthe Tetzlaff; Thea Piovano ; Pertti Ala-Aho ; Aaron Smith ; Sean K. Carey ; Philip Marsh ; Philip A. Wookey ; Lorna E. Street ; Chris Soulsby

Using stable isotopes to estimate travel times in a data-sparse Arctic catchment: challenges and possible solutions

Hydrological Processes. - 32(2018)12, S. 1936-1952


Matthias Sprenger; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Jim Buttle; Hjalmar Laudon; Hannes Leistert; Carl P. J. Mitchell; Jenna Snelgrove; Markus Weiler; Chris Soulsby

Measuring and modeling stable isotopes of mobile and bulk soil water

Vadose Zone Jornal. - 17(2018)170149


Thea I. Piovano; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Pertti Ala-aho; Jim Buttle; Carl P. J. Mitchell; Chris Soulsby

Testing a spatially distributed tracer-aided runoff model in a snow-influenced catchment: effects of multicriteria calibration on streamwater ages

Hydrological Processes. - 32(2018)20, S. 3089-3107


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On the use of StorAge selection functions to assess time-variant travel times in lakes

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Spatio-temporal diel DOC cycles in a wet, low energy, northern catchment: highlighting and questioning the sub-daily rhythms of catchment functioning

Journal of Hydrology. - 563(2018), S. 962-974


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Groundwater dynamics at the hillslope-riparian interface in a year with extreme winter rainfall

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Matthias Sprenger; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Jim Buttle; Sean K. Carey; James P. McNamara; Hjalmar Laudon; Nadine J. Shatilla; Chris Soulsby

Storage, mixing, and fluxes of water in the critical zone across northern environments inferred by stable isotopes of soil water

Hydrological Processes. - 32(2018)12, S. 1720-1737


Sylvain Kuppel; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Marco P. Maneta; Chris Soulsby

EcH2O-iso 1.0: water isotopes and age tracking in a process-based, distributed ecohydrological model

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Water ages in the critical zone of long-term experimental sites in northern latitudes

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Modelling the effects of land cover and climate change on soil water partitioning in a boreal headwater catchment

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Aaron James Neill; Doerthe Tetzlaff; Norval James Colin Strachan; Rupert Lloyd Hough; Lisa Marie Avery; Helen Watson; Chris Soulsby

Using spatial-stream-network models and long-term data to understand and predict dynamics of faecal contamination in a mixed land-use catchment

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Role of riparian wetlands and hydrological connectivity in the dynamics of stream thermal regimes

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Jaime Gaona; Jörg Lewandowski; Alberto Bellin

Fiber optics distributed temperature sensing for spatio-temporal analysis of thermal footprints of groundwater-stream water exchange

New challenges in hydraulic research and engineering : 5th IAHR Europe Congress ; extended abstracts. - Trento, 2018. - 2 S.


Ala-Aho P.; C. Soulsby; O. S. Pokrovsky; S. N. Kirpotin; J. Karlsson; S. Serikova; S. N. Vorobyev; R. M. Manasypov; S. Loiko; D. Tetzlaff

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Characterization of surface water isotope spatial patterns of Scotland

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Permafrost and lakes control river isotope composition across a boreal Arctic transect in the Western Siberian lowlands

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High riverine CO2 emissions at the permafrost boundary of Western Siberia

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Impact of dynamically changing discharge on hyporheic exchange processes under gaining and losing groundwater conditions

Water Resources Research. - 54(2018)12, S. 10076-10093


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